We would like to invite you to become a part of the Women's Ministry at MROLEC as we fellowship and serve together in faith, love and unity. 

Our mission is to be women who are committed to a deepening relationship with Christ through diligent prayer and the study of the Scriptures. As a result, we pray to be spiritually mature women, confident in our gifts and courageous in our words, so we can reach out in love to impact our church and community for Christ.

There are numerous opportunities available to get involved. Through in-depth Bible studies, heartwarming fellowships and special events offered throughout the year, you will have meaningful and fulfilling opportunities to enrich your heart, encourage your spirit and expand your ministry. If we can be of any service or encouragement to you, please contact the Women's Ministry We will be happy to assist you.


The purpose of the MROLEC Women’s Ministry is to connect women from all backgrounds and all generations to one another so that they can grow together in character, learn from each other, develop life strategies and enjoy fellowship. All of this is for the ultimate goal of growing into a strong, lasting relationship with God.

The Women’s ministry encourages, equips and enables the women of our church to accomplish these goals through the following events and invites all women to come and be a part of what God is doing among his daughters

MROLEC Women’s Ministry is directed by Pastor Docas Nuwariho, Pastor Docus Nuwariho is an anointed teacher and woman of God who desires that each woman move beyond who she is today and to go beyond her wildest dreams for her life.

Women’s Ministry Events:

Monthly Meeting’s (see calendar for schedule)
Annual Yard Sale
Christmas Party and Banquet
Special Meetings

For more information contact her at info@mrolec.org  or call her  +256775463477  


Legacy of Love

This ministry is an opportunity for the women of Providence to use their God-given gifts and talents to encourage other women of the church. The opportunities are endless for learning, fellowship, spiritual encouragement and developing new relationships. For more information, contact………………………

 Grandmothers at Prayer

Christian grandmothers join together monthly, responding to God's call to stand in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). Their petitions for their grandchildren build walls of righteousness and protection and establish beacons of faith in difficult situations. We have expanded our prayer efforts to include all the families in our church body, asking the Lord to give wisdom in rearing their children and to raise up godly leaders for this generation. If you are a grandmother, please plan to join with other "GAP" warriors the second Sunday of each month at 9:30 or 11 a.m.

Whole Woman Day

Women's Ministries

 Women's Ministries connect women to God through worship, relationships, discipleship and nurturing. The women of Faith are a community of women who love God and are committed to stay connected to the life giving vine, Jesus Christ. Our connection to the Vine is through our growing relationship with Him.

 each Tuesday (Oct - May) 9:30 - 11am in room 143. Bring a Bible and notebook. 

Woman 2 Woman Mentoring
Woman 2 Woman Mentoring connects Faith women of all ages in one-on-one mentoring pairs. During this season of mentoring women experience fellowship and spiritual growth. Watch the programs for monthly events.
Contact info@mrolec.org

Book Discussion Group
Meets the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 pm (not August) to discuss a book that they have read prior to the meeting date. 
Contact info@mrolec.org for details.

Bible Studies
Check the Events and Classes 1 page for current Bible Studies. Through studying God's Word, we are encouraged to live a lifestyle of worship, prayer, spiritual growth and fellowship with other women. Bible studies are offered both in the mornings and evenings and run for about 6-12 week sessions. (Child care may be provided during the daytime classes with a mininum number of children using the nursery.) Topics vary throughout the year.
Contact info@mrolec.org

 Faith Stitchers
Faith Stitchers gathers monthly to crochet & knit baby blankets for PASS and scarves for CHF while we make new friends and share our lives with one another. We offer a daytime group meeting the 2nd Thursday (Sept-May) from 1-4 pm. If you want, bring a brown bag lunch and meet at noon in Faithful Grounds.
Contact info@mrolec.org

 Faithfully Fit
Our purpose is to have exercise classes open to anyone (men & women) in a non-threatening atmosphere.  A complete schedule is listed on the Sports Activities page of our website.
Contact info@mrolec.org 

Card Connection
Meets the 1st Thursday of each month (Sept-May) from 6:30-8:30pm to make cards to send to people who are ill, need encouragement, sympathy, etc.
Contact info@mrolec.org