This arm of outreach is focused on providing holistic services that enrich the lives of community members while encouraging a healthy relationship with God, others and equipping them for a lifestyle of empowerment.

We serve as a bridge between the Mrolec and the community connecting lives with the mrolec, the ministry and the message of our Set Gift, Pastor Robert Bagonza. Our venues of outreach include but are not limited to prayer walking, evangelism, a proposed resource center, educational classes, and special community events.

The evangelistic team will comprise of people who are evangelistically conscious and willing to reach beyond the walls of the church to bring innovative, relevant and relational evangelism to the community, Mbarara and eventually the world.

The Interactive Resource Center will focus on education, counseling and training to assist in the development of a plethora of skills such as life skills, entrepreneurial development, parenting, economic and household management, home repairs, languages, scholastic tutoring and mentoring.

The Outreach Ministry is led by Kamwine Moses, For more information regarding this ministry, please contact them at the church office info@mrolec.org or cal +256752680676