I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and saviour in January 2000. At that time, I was a fisherman.  I realized fellow fishermen were leading a very different ungodly life from mine. Many were alcoholics, rapists, leading loose sexual lives and worshipping trees, stones, and evil spirits in the lake, and they believed it was the spirits on the lake giving them fish and money.

I started sharing and preaching to them salvation through Christ. Some accepted salvation. I went ahead and preached to other people and fishermen on landing sites. I  developed the urge to preach the Gospel to more people, for I realized many were lost. I went  with some brethren to hold Gospel crusades on a number of islands on Lake Victoria.

On these islands, I discovered that many people had never heard the Gospel of Christ at all, not even being catholic, the Anglican Church, and the like. And they were deeply involved in sorcery, witchcraft, worshipping evil spirits,  and mermaids of the lake. They had a strong belief that these spirits had supreme control over their lives, and were the source of their livelihood, especially fishing, which was the major activity.

At one island called Kitabo, the people explicitly told us, we shall not allow you to bring your new God of Europeans here; we already have our god a spirit (mermaid) who satisfies all our needs, gives us children, fish, wives and money. We desire no other God.

We told them,  "we are bringing a God who was above all gods and who can give you all that you need and much more than you can ever ask for and gives you eternal life when you leave this world."

They were not aware and had never heard that there was life after death. Many continued refusing the Gospel, but others especially elderly women requested us to explain more about what happens after death.

Other people i.e. many tried to shut down these women saying that we should not be allowed to preach a new God, for the god of the island would get annoyed, deny them fish and drown them in the lake.

They (out of assuming that our god was weaker than theirs) said,  "If our god was great then we should do the impossible i.e. fetch firewood from the forbidden forest and also urinate there. It was believed that whomever,would do both, would fall dead  and. be killed by the chief spirit of the island. We told them "we will do exactly that and our god would amaze you, for we will remain perfectly healthy and alive."

We went ahead and did exactly as we had said. The islands were astonished to see us come out of the thick forest alive and well with a lot of firewood. Some believed upon Jesus Christ and they allowed us to preach the Gospel of Jesus. We even opened up a church there.

Later on, I stopped being a fisherman and started working for as a distributor for the products of a company. This company transferred me to Mbarara, and then I started a church in Mbarara ,which acts as base for the island outreach ministries. It from here that we go out to islands and other places to preach the gospel of Christ.