At Redeemed Church, we have a works service every Monday early in the morning at 5:30am to 7:30am where we teach people how they can attain the blessing God promised them. How to move from poverty to wealth, We teach people how they can start up profitable businesses using Godly principles.

This ministry has been extended to various Church plus the society, business people and their employees.

We guide and counsel people, whose businesses have failed to pick up and those who have failed to get employment.

We have seen God more in a miraculous way in people lives, those formerly unemployed have got jobs, businesses that were on the verge of collapse have picked up. People have come to a realization that God is very much interested in their business welfare and not only in their salvation.

We welcome you to our workers service, come and join us in this morning service and allow God to turn around situations in your family and business.

Come and turn to the road of blessings and success in your life.


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