Before you go

A basic check list - check that you:

  • have everything you need (see below)

  • know what to say 

  • have agreed on the teamwork strategy 

  • know when and where you will meet up 

  • pray together before you go out - for good contact, effective use of the opportunities, and protection from the enemy's attack

What to take

  • a record sheet, listing every property you intend to visit (see below)

  • a pen 

  • a small - preferably pocket sized - Bible or New Testament 

  • a small supply of tracts 

  • contact details - either yourself or someone at the church - name, address, phone number, times when available, etc. 

  • whatever gifts or leaflets you are intending to distribute - include a few spares 

  • suitable clothing! Comfortable shoes. Maybe a warm coat. Something waterproof.

What to say

  • A polite greeting - "Hello," "Good afternoon," or the like

  • Identify yourself - "My name is Pat Smith." 

  • Identify where you are from - "I'm from Redeemed Church Mbarara

  • Say why you are there - "We are distributing a Community Newsletter free to every household in the neighbourhood."

What to do

  • Visit everyone - even church members and members of other churches

  • Record the result of the visit (see below) 

  • Don't be pushy - if they don't want to talk, move on. 

  • Be confident - God is with you 

  • Pray constantly 

  • Pass on any messages or requests - and make sure they are acted upon. Including the 'never visit me again' messages! - but be clear precisely what the message is. 

  • If a notice says "No junk mail," it is valid to ask (once!) what they mean. Would they like the community newsletter delivered or not? Make sure you record the answer, either way, and act on it.

What to record

First, the equipment: some people prefer a clipboard, some a pocket notebook because it looks less 'official'. There is nothing wrong with looking like you know what you are doing! If you use a clipboard, try to find one with a fold-over cover - they are better when it rains.
You should record:

  • The house number!

  • The fact that you visited 

  • Any request 

  • If the house is uninhabited - for sale, being revovated, or boarded up 

  • Any name the person you were talking with gave you. 

Safety on the Streets

We need to be responsible in the area of personal safety. This must include:

  • Praying for safety

  • Making the right preparations 

  • Training beforehand, so people know what to do if anything goes wrong

But it is worth noting that it is very rare for anyone to be attacked while doing door to door work. It must have happened, but this is not a high-risk activity. People, even ungodly people, are generally reluctant to hurt Clergy and other 'God' people.


There are some simple precautions you can take.

  • Pray - and ask for others to pray - for your protection. Not just safety from attacks (physical and spiritual), but also safety from accidents which would prevent or hinder your work, and also for good health.

  • Let someone know where you are going, and when you are due back. Make sure they know you have got back safely. 

  • Go out in teams of two or three, never on your own. Stay in touch with each other, and keep your eyes open. If it looks like there might be trouble, get together. 

  • Don't take with you anything which you really don't want to get stolen. If you have a gold watch and a wallet stuffed with notes, leave them at home. 

  • If possible, take cheap mobile phones with you. If you are going to be delayed, ring home. If you are invited into anyone's home, ring home and let them know where you are. 

  • If anyone tries to steal from you, let them have it. Your life and health are more precious.