Pastoral Counseling

 To assist the member of the Church, their families, and the community, the Redeemed Church offers counseling by its Pastor Robert Bagonza. Counseling is available to anyone of any age — from 3 years old to 103 years.

Individual counseling sessions allow a person to understand the issues, crises, and challenges of life through a personal value system and the person’s own faith.

Pre-marital counseling enables a couple to explore the meaning of marriage and to better appreciate each other’s past, their values, and expectations of marital life.

Marital counseling for individuals and couples is provided to assist them with the interpersonal issues in a marriage. Referrals to other qualified professionals are also available.

Family counseling for parents, children, and other family members allows a family to understand the challenges and changes that individuals in the family face and how to deal with them.

For information on counseling, please contact Pastor Robert Bagonza at the Church office, +256772680676 or