Adullam was started in 1991 as a church school. Between 1991 and 1998 the school started by recruiting needy children the majority of whom belonged to nearby communities. From observations made in the church, it was clear that most parents were illiterate and this state of affairs would become a typical generation trend if no intervention was enabled.

The number of orphans as a result of war and HIV/AIDS epidemic in the church had steadily grown. As a result, most households lacked financial resources to take children to school. Those that would have attempted were only subsistence farmers. They survived on hand to mouth. In such a situation, even though education was vital, it was not priority to these households.

At the time the school had two teachers who had just finished primary seven. They volunteered to work with the pastors’ wife. 

 The main objective was to equip the children with reading and writing skills and this was done in the nursery to primary 3 classes that were present then. The school charged Ush100/= only from every child being schools fees essential to the purchase of school chalk. Then between 1993 and 2000 the school started charging Ush. 2000/= for each child in order to contribute to teachers welfare. The church constructed a semi permanent structure made of reeds and grass that was divided into three classrooms.

Much as the church’s immediate community valued these developments, to some others, the nature of the school structures and the prevalent school conditions were grounds enough to cast doubt about the schools prospective performance. There was an even greater challenge as a fraction of individual members in the community viewed the school as an endeavor to recruit believers in the guise of assisting their children.

By 1998 the school had developed up to primary six. Adullam Demonstration was registered by the Ministry of Education. At this, the prospects and benefits of reducing illiteracy amongst the poor and vulnerable children became more visible.

Today Adullam has 400 pupils taught by qualified teachers whose efforts have ably grown the school to excellence and placed the children to happily and confidently embrace the world beyond Adullam.