People don't go to hell for doing bad things, but for failing to make the right choices. Believers must take responsibility for what happens in their lives. Life is a series of
decisions, and when your decisions line up with the Word, heaven
supports you in your endeavors and guarantees your success.

  1. A quality decision is a choice that matches God's desires for your life and moves you to take a specific corresponding action.
    1. A quality decision is a pledge, or a mental contract, to which you should be willing to sign your name as a demonstration of your
      commitment to the terms.
    2. Making a quality decision includes setting boundaries, guidelines and restrictions to protect and maintain your purposes and objectives.
    3. Quality decisions require that you go against everyone else's opinions and be willing to risk your popularity and/or reputation.

  2. Jesus is committed to assisting those who make quality decisions to obtain the wholeness He purchased with His blood.
    1. The Word instructs you to command God's hands to perform on your behalf (Isaiah 45:11).
    2. To command God's hands is to commission, appoint or assign Him to complete a specific act.
    3. Every time you make a quality decision you invite Jesus and the heavenly host to get involved in your circumstances.

  3. Quality decisions move Jesus to get involved in the issues that are most important in your life.
    1. Risking his reputation, Jairus made a quality decision to believe that Jesus could heal his daughter (Mark 5:22-23), and his decision moved
      Jesus to respond.
      1. When Jairus fell at Jesus' feet and gave voice to his faith, Jesus instantly got involved in Jairus' affairs (v. 24).
    2. The woman with the issue of blood made a quality decision that she could achieve wholeness by touching Jesus (vv. 25-28).
      1. Her decision to believe activated Jesus' power and caught His attention while He was assisting someone else (vv. 29-34).
      2. Just as the woman with the issue of blood initiated her own miracle, you must also initiate restoration and wholeness in your own life by
        making quality decisions and with corresponding actions (v. 34).

  4. Don't allow the enemy to distract you once you have made a decision; maintain your stance regardless of what anyone says.
    1. Once Jairus decided that Jesus could heal his daughter, he did not listen to anyone who opposed his belief (v.35).
    2. Jesus was not deterred by the negative, unbelieving people He encountered prior to healing Jairus' daughter (v. 39).
      1. Jesus spoke the truth in the midst of opposition, maintaining boundaries around His faith (vv. 36, 39).
      2. Jairus' quality decision gave Jesus complete authority in his house; Jesus dismissed the unbelievers and proceeded to restore wholeness to
        his daughter (vv. 40-43).

Scripture References:

  • Isaiah 45:11
  • Mark 5:22-43
Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church