Words spoken out of your mouth establish the cornerstone of your life. Words are transmitters that carry either fear or faith. Christians must learn to be skillful in speech because the
life or death cycle is turned on by the words we speak. All perverse
speech must be rooted out of our lives because the inner ear of our
spirit man carries whatever we speak to the soil of our heart.
Eventually we receive the harvest of our words.

  1. God's Word warns Believers against using crooked, perverse speech (Proverbs 11:3, AMP).
    1. Many people speak words that they don't really believe.
      1. The use of sarcasm in society's language has perverted many people's words.
        1. For example, if I see a small dog and say, "That's the largest dog I've ever seen!"
    2. God's Word is His will for man.
      1. Man's words should line up with God's Word and should reflect our will toward God.
    3. Perverse speech has consequences and will turn on the laws that govern death. (Proverbs 18:20, 21, AMP).

  2. The Word of God planted in the heart and spoken out of the mouth will release power.
    1. Power, like dynamite has the ability to rearrange things.
    2. Christians have the force behind their words to rearrange anything in the natural realm.
    3. Many have planted and received the negative words of the devil in their hearts. Destructive power is released in their lives as a result.
    4. Speaking God's Word is a form of meditation that will produce the confidence needed to release power and success in life (Joshua 1:8).
      1. Rewards from speaking the Word only come through maintaining your confidence.

  3. Christians must understand that God created the ear, heart and mouth to function together.
    1. God created man with an inner and outer ear.
      1. The outer ear is meant to hear the sounds of the external world.
      2. The inner ear of the spirit man is used to hear the words we speak.
    2. The inner ear is the gateway that feeds the words we speak directly into the soil of our hearts.
      1. The Bible says that the tongue is the pen that writes words on our hearts (Psalm 45:1).

  4. Success comes from speaking things as we want them to be according to what God has said.
    1. Many people are trained to speak words that only progress the negative situations in life.
      1. Like God, Christians must speak against what they don't agree with.
    2. Matured confidence in the love of God will cause confession to work at its highest level.
    3. Jesus was successful in life because He only said what God told Him to say (John 12:49, 50).
    4. Depression can be overcome by meditating on, and speaking, God's Word.

Scripture References:

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church