You have been designed by God to withstand a certain amount of stress. The problem comes when you allow stress to go beyond the level you were created to withstand. If you don’t learn to
deal with stress and get rid of it, it will kill you.

  1. You have to attack the root of stress in order to deal with the fruit of it.
    1. Some of the fruits of stress are:
      1. Forgetfulness
      2. Temper
      3. Chronic fatigue
      4. Cynicism
      5. A sense of helplessness
      6. Never having a sense of accomplishment
      7. Feeling like a failure
      8. Constant illness
      9. Headaches/Migraines
      10. High blood pressure
      11. Heart disease
    2. Emotional problems that aren’t dealt with will translate into physical problems.
    3. Don’t willingly submit to stressful situations; go in the opposite direction (Proverbs 1:17).

  2. Learn the value of living a stress-free lifestyle.
    1. Train yourself to not let things bother you.
    2. Develop a “whatever” attitude.

  3. You will have trouble in life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be stressed out (2 Corinthians 4:8).
    1. It is your responsibility to not let your heart be troubled, not God’s (John 14:1).
      1. You have to choose peace rather than be stressed out, and believe God in the midst of turmoil (Matthew 24:6).
      2. The way to get peace is to get into God’s Word (John 16:33).
        1. Be of good cheer—get happy!
      3. Jesus has deprived the negative circumstance or situation of its power and has conquered it for you.
      4. Respond to stress through the Word of God.
        1. If you believe God, there is no room for fear in your life.
        2. Focus on the Good News, rather than the bad news of the world.
    2. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers you out of them all (Psalm 34:19).
      1. Any time affliction shows up in your life, tell yourself, “The power of God is working for me right now.”

  4. Practical causes of stress.
    1. Uncertainty, or not being certain about life.
      1. Take control of the seeds you sow and you can be certain of the harvest you will receive.
      2. The Word gives absolute certainty of your future.
      3. Having certainty delivers you from stress.
      4. Don’t carry unnecessary pressures.
    2. Unresolved conflict.
      1. Resolve conflicts in your life; conflict should not sit in your life week after week.
      2. Carrying conflict around wears you out.
      3. Be at peace with all men (Ephesians 4:26).
    3. Unrealistic comparisons.
      1. Don’t ever compare yourself to other people.
      2. Comparison may lead you to belittling what God has done in your life.
      3. Refuse to compare.
      4. It is not wise to compare; you are without understanding when you compare yourself with others (2 Corinthians 10:12).
    4. Unconfessed sin.
      1. God will cleanse you of all unrighteousness when you confess your sin (1 John 1:9).
      2. Judge yourself and confess your sins to God.
      3. Use wisdom when confessing your sins to others (James 5:16).
      4. If you bury sin and fail to deal with it, it will bury you (Psalm 32:3).
    5. Unusual pressure in the area of finances.
      1. Stop spending more than what you earn.
      2. Buying things that you cannot afford is false prosperity.
      3. Learn how to save and invest.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church