Christians must invest time in learning to operate in the Kingdom of God system. When people do not understand the laws that govern God's kingdom, they are powerless, but we can determine
our own outcomes by planting the Word of God in our hearts and allowing
it to produce the type of fruit we desire for every situation and
condition in life.

  1. To operate in the Kingdom of God system, we must reject the values and standards we learned in the world's system and embrace God's way of doing and being
    right (Matthew 3:2, AMP).
    1. To repent is to think differently, change our minds and change our conduct.
      1. Reading, hearing and speaking the Word enables us to change the way we think.
      2. The Word of God is the law that governs all spiritual principles.
      3. When people do not know and understand the Word, it is impossible for them to experience success in God's Kingdom.

  2. The Kingdom of God system operates according to the principle of seedtime and harvest.
    1. In the same way that farmers plant corn seeds to produce a harvest of corn, as Christians we must plant specific seeds from God's Word into
      our hearts to produce the results we desire.
      1. Healing scriptures, when planted in our hearts, produce healing in our physical bodies.
      2. Debt-cancellation scriptures produce debt cancellation.
      3. Salvation scriptures produce salvation.
    2. Many Christians lack knowledge, and they expect to receive a harvest of something that they never planted in their hearts.
      1. The Kingdom of God system is governed by the Word, which is seed, but some Christians believe that their hopes, needs and desires will move God to
        grant their requests.
        1. God has already provided man with everything needed to shape his destiny.
          1. God gave man total dominion over the earth and enough seed to determine his own course in life.
          2. People perish, because they fail to become proficient in God's system of seedtime and harvest.

  3. The heart is like fertile soil; it is the place where seeds take root, grow and eventually branch out and impact our lives.
    1. God made man from the dust of the earth so that seed would grow in his heart.
      1. The heart does not discriminate between seeds; whatever is planted and nurtured will grow and produce a harvest.
      2. Seeds of death (selfishness, jealousy, lust and other works of the flesh) produce death, while seeds of life (love, temperance, virtue, etc.)
        produce life.
    2. Seeds enter our hearts through our eyes, ears and mouths when we see, hear and speak words, which produce corresponding thoughts.

  4. Life is what we make it.
    1. God instructs us to study His Word constantly, protect our hearts from bad seeds and avoid speaking negative words (Proverbs 4:20-24). We control
      our own destinies by what we allow to enter our hearts through our
      mouths, ears and eyes.
    2. We can determine our futures by planting the appropriate seeds, starting today!
      1. The Word of God contains every type of seed that anyone could ever want to plant in his or her heart, as well as a seed that will change every type
        of negative circumstance.
    3. Reading, hearing and speaking specific scriptures that relate to your circumstances is the key to receiving the things that you desire from God.

Scripture References:

  • Matthew 3:1-2, AMP
  • Proverbs 4:20-27
Pastor Robert B