The second step in obtaining true godly prosperity is developing in the love of God. True prosperity is having total success in every area of life. Immature Christians, who do not
make God their strength and are focused more on money than God, will not
prosper. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of love. Developing the
character of love is essential to success in every area of life.

  1. All of the laws that govern prosperity hang on the law of love (Matthew 22:37-40).
    1. It is not enough to know about the love of God; you must choose to develop the character of love.
    2. You must be able to make the right decisions in the midst of difficult situations.
      1. When you make decisions in line with love, you develop the right character.
    3. It is dangerous to refuse to develop in the love of God.
      1. There are too many good things on the line to allow hurt and unforgiveness in your life.
    4. Immature Christians never get the fullness of what they have a right to as heirs of God (Galatians 3:29-4:1-3).
    5. In order to be a mature person in God's kingdom, you must meet the requirements of love.
      1. You must understand, think and speak love in order to be considered a mature Christian.

  2. Kingdom prosperity will always be insulated by love.
    1. When you are immature in the love of God, you think, speak and act as a child (1 Corinthians 13:11).
    2. God is not going to put financial wealth, supernatural power and increase into the life of a selfish person.
    3. If God were to give you all the things you desire before you have matured in the area of love, it would destroy you.
      1. For example, a person immature in the area of love will love money and things more than God.
        1. This type of selfishness will destroy you.
      2. Money is an amplifier, so selfishness will only be amplified if love is not developed.
      3. Money is to be used for loving God and people and not to be squandered on selfish lusts.
    4. It is incorrect to believe that God does not want you to be wealthy; He cannot, however, trust you with wealth if you are overly selfish.
    5. God wants Believers to be successful in every area of life such as healthy relationships and careers.
    6. Jesus carried a money bag everywhere He went so that He could freely demonstrate love to the people to whom He ministered.
      1. Jesus perfected the character of love. As a result, He became the most prosperous man to ever live.
    7. You, as a member of the body of Christ, should not seek to be rich more than you seek God.
      1. A wrong relationship with money is the root of evil (1 Timothy 6:10).
      2. If you have a right relationship with God, money will come.
    8. The man that prospers will be a lover of God (Psalm 122:6).

  3. "False prosperity" is when you try to present the image of a prosperous life to others, but you are really not.
    1. False prosperity is defined as having the external appearance of wealth without the root of love to sustain it.
    2. False prosperity is when a person pretends to be what he or she is not.
    3. Unlike false prosperity, true prosperity speaks for itself.

  4. You must love God with all your strength in order to qualify for true prosperity (Luke 10:27).
    1. To love God with all your strength is to love God with your possessions, abilities, anointing, influence, power and money—whatever you have that
      can make a difference in people's lives (Proverbs 18:11; Proverbs
    2. The rich young ruler did not love God with all his strength and, as a result, missed an opportunity to prosper (Mark 10:17-22)
      1. Jesus asked the rich young ruler to sell what he loved in order to prove his love for God.
      2. The rich young ruler was immature in his love for God. He loved his possessions more than he loved God (v. 22).
    3. When you love God with your possessions you put yourself in position to prosper like never before.
    4. A man that fails to make God his strength will satisfy his own selfishness through his possessions (Psalm 52:7).

  5. Precious seed and a pure heart will enable the Believer to live "voluptuously."
    1. Abraham sowed Isaac as a precious seed and the harvest of that seed allowed the children of Israel to leave Egypt wealthy.
      1. Egypt was only a reservoir for Israel's wealth as they learned to love God even in bondage.
    2. God gave Israel wealth to see if they would love Him with their substance.
    3. Good seed must be planted into the ground of the heart in order to have a successful journey.
      1. Wrong words (seed) will hinder this journey.
      2. The children of Israel would have lived "voluptuously" but their wrong words hindered them.
        1. Whenever a person speaks negatively they create a war between good and bad seed in the soil of their heart.
    4. The mature Christian does not hesitate to give God what is precious to him or her.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church