There is a sequence that can be used for living the prosperous life. The first principle in obtaining true prosperity is gaining an understanding of how the kingdom of God operates. Christians
must come to greater understanding in this area in order to prove that
true, godly prosperity is obtainable.

  1. True prosperity is the ability to meet the needs of mankind in any realm of life.
    1. We must renew our minds to what true prosperity is (Romans 12:1, 2).
    2. Prosperity starts with your soul (3 John 2).
    3. Prosperity means to excel to the place desired.
    4. Prosperity means making good progress in the pursuit of anything desired.
    5. True prosperity will always go away from selfishness and extend toward others.
    6. Prosperity is an inward attitude, not just an outward gathering of possessions.
    7. Prosperity deals with every area of life—spirit, soul and body

  2. The use of the word prosperity has evolved over time.
    1. The word prosperity in the original Hebrew was used as a parting utterance.
    2. The original definition was to be on the right path and have a successful journey in life.
      1. God wants Believers to have a prosperous journey in life (Genesis 24:21; Romans 1:10).
    3. Usage of the word prosperity changed over time to mean success in profitability and material gain (1 Corinthians 16:2).
    4. The word prosperity should now be used to mean wholeness and continued well-being in every area of life.
    5. God wants Christians to be successful in every area of life—health, relationships, careers. (Psalm 35:27).

  3. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is that Christians can be successful in every area of life.
    1. Money is just a byproduct of prospering in God.
      1. Money was never meant to be the sum total definition of the word prosperity.
      2. It is possible to be financially rich and be poor in other areas of life (Revelation 3:17, 18).
    2. True prosperity in the life of the Believer will summon whatever is needed from God in any situation (2 Corinthians 9:8).

  4. The first principle in the sequence of operating in godly prosperity dictates that it is necessary to understand God's system of operation.
    1. Christians must seek or research God's way of doing things as their priority to gain understanding (Matthew 6:33).
      1. It requires careful examination to understand how God's system operates.
      2. Obedience is a key to prosperity (Job 36:11).
    2. If a Christian doesn't understand the parable of the sower it is impossible to operate in God's system to obtain godly prosperity (Mark
    3. The kingdom of God works like farming (Mark 4:1-33; Genesis 8:22).
      1. In farming, you have a farmer; in the kingdom of God you have a sower.
      2. In farming, you have to have seed; in the kingdom of God the Word is the seed.
      3. In farming, you have to have good ground; in the kingdom of God the ground is the heart of a man.
      4. In farming, you have to have a method of planting seed; in the kingdom of God the method of planting seed is to speak the Word of God.
      5. In farming, fruit grows; in the kingdom of God the fruit that grows is called life.
      6. In farming, and in the kingdom of God, there has to be a harvester—a person who receives the benefit of planting the seed.
    4. We cannot expect anything without respecting the process of farming in the kingdom of God.
    5. The harvest is not in the money seed but the Word seed.
      1. Sowing money seed should be a corresponding action to the Word seed planted in the heart of a Believer.

  5. When the soil of a man's heart receives the seed of the Word, conception has taken place.
    1. The manufacturing center for prosperity is on the inside of a man (Luke 17:21).
    2. The hundredfold return is based on the degree to which a person sows seed.
      1. A Christian who is constantly confessing the Word sows much seed.
      2. A Christian who speaks negatively will not operate in the hundredfold return.
        1. Whenever a person speaks negatively he or she has created a war between good and bad seed in the soil of their heart.
      3. A person who skillfully uses words and sets his or her will only to confess the Word of God will operate in a hundredfold harvest.
    3. The prerequisite for understanding how to operate in the kingdom of God system is being born again (John 3:3).

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church