Every Believer has been called to be a servant; however, many are not interested in serving. Your indifference to service results in procrastination and unfaithfulness. Considering all
that God has done in your life, what are you doing for Him? How are you
serving God and His kingdom? By serving God, you demonstrate your
gratitude for all that He has done for you.

  1. A lukewarm Christian has no zeal when it comes to serving God (Revelation 3:14-22).
    1. God’s goodness should propel you to serve Him (Nehemiah 9:35, AMP).
    2. It is right to be a servant of God.
    3. It is a sin to know what’s right and not do it (James 4:17).

  2. Four things will cause you to procrastinate:
    1. Worldly entanglement (i.e., your career and schedule).
      1. Don’t be slack in doing what God tells you to do.
      2. Lot was slack, and it almost cost him and his family their lives; however the mercy of God saved them (Genesis 19:15-16).
      3. When God—who knows everything—tells you to do something, obey Him immediately.
    2. Family cares.
      1. If you are going to follow Jesus, you must make Him your first priority (Matthew 8:20-22).
      2. Don’t allow the cares of your family to distract you and prevent you from serving God (Luke 9:60-61).
      3. Your family will not suffer when God is at the top of your list of priorities.
      4. When you become successful in serving God, you will be successful in serving others.
      5. You must possess the heartbeat of servanthood, which is your desire to serve God.
        1. The best way to serve God is to serve His people.
    3. Unbelief (Acts 17:32, AMP).
      1. When you are slow to believe, the spirit of procrastination is certain to show up in your life.
    4. Personal convenience (Acts 24:25, AMP).
      1. Don’t look for a convenient time to serve God.

  3. You must be faithful to that which belongs to another (Luke 16:11-12).
    1. Serving someone who is anointed to do what you want to do will prepare you to be successful when you step out on your own.
    2. Elisha served Elijah, and as a result, he received a double portion of Elijah’s anointing.

Scripture References:

  • Revelations 3:14-22
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church