A firm foundation in the things of God, including the area of consecration toward Him, is essential to your prosperity. Likewise, not taking God seriously will hinder you. You must make a conscious decision to depart from a life of sin so that He can show Himself strong in your life.


  1. A firm foundation in the things of God is your key to prosperity.
    1. If your foundations for success have been destroyed, you cannot accomplish anything for God (Psalm 11:3).

    2. God desires for you to succeed in life—this requires consecration, or a departure from iniquity (2 Timothy 2:19).

    3. To consecrate means, “to devote or set apart for a definite purpose; separated from a common to a sacred use; dedicated to the service and worship of God.”
      1. Being born again is an example of consecration; it’s a decision to dedicate your life to obeying and living for God.

  2. Fools do not prosper.
    1. Fools say in their hearts that there is no God (Psalm 14:1-7, AMP).
      1. The condition of your heart determines whether or not you are a fool.

      2. Everything you do for God is weighed in relation to the condition of your heart.

      3. The position of your heart determines the direction of your life.

      4. You must seek God—require of and research Him—to prosper (verse 2). Fools don’t seek God; therefore, they don’t prosper.

      5. A fool is a “worker of iniquity” who lacks knowledge and understanding (verse 4).

    2. Prosperity ruins a fool, because he won’t handle it wisely (Proverbs 1:32).
      1. Money is an amplifier. It magnifies your present position and mindset.

        1. Example: Money in the hands of a drug addict will perpetuate his addiction. A wealthy adulterer will be more extravagant in his adulterous affairs.

    3. A fool mocks sin, finds pleasure in it, and thinks that sinning doesn’t matter (Proverbs 14:9, AMP).
      1. Unbelievers are less likely to take God seriously when they witness Christians living in sin.

    4. God is not concerned with your being in sin, but with your getting out of it. He’s not a condemner; He’s a convincer, convincing you of the danger of living in sin (John 3:17).
      1. Satan attempts to condemn people, making them think that God does not love them.

    5. Purity begets plenty, whereas impurity is an enemy to plenty.

    6. Many people make excuses for not prospering; they do not realize that their sin is the problem.

    7. When sin is destroyed, lack ceases to be a problem.

    8. Your giving won’t lead to prosperity until you establish a foundation of departing from iniquity.

  3. Turn your heart toward God and prosper.
    1. As you return to living for God, He can return to you what’s rightfully yours by inheritance (Malachi 3:7).

      1. Depart from iniquity and return to Him, and you will have “gold as dust” (i.e., you will prosper as consistently as dust gathers) (Job 22:23-25).

      2. Joseph’s refusing to sin led to his promotion (Genesis 41:37-44).

    2. Great prosperity is available to you when you give God your heart and depart from sin (Proverbs 23:26).

    3. Like King David, your heart must be perfect toward God for Him to show Himself strong in your life (2 Chronicles 16:9; Acts 13:22).
      1. A perfect heart is “one that is pliable, sensitive and repentant toward God; willing to change and remain loyal to Him.”

    4. Your heart is where your treasure is (Matthew 6:21).
      1. As you prosper, refuse to make success your treasure; treasure God instead.

      2. You can live without material things, but not without God.

    5. You are a part of the “Do-Right Generation” (doing what’s right because it’s right and doing it in a right manner)—an upright and blessed believer who is called to depart from iniquity (Psalm 112:1-3, AMP).
      1. Wealth and riches are in the houses of those who are consecrated to God.

    6. Never seek things above seeking God.

    7. You have a right to prosper and to be happy.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church