You cannot move toward prosperity without the seed of God’s Word first entering your life. The Word provides the light that is needed to break the chains of poverty. Your first concern must be the prosperity of your soul, which determines your position in life. When your soul is prospering, you will see results (tangible materials). God’s Word is your foundation for prosperity and the water that your financial seeds need in order to grow.

  1. Power is a necessary element to move you from one place in your life to another (Deuteronomy 8:17-18)..
    1. God has given you power to get wealth.
    2. You must arise, or “change your posture and position,” in order for prosperity to manifest itself in your life (Isaiah 60:1).
      1. Without light--the light of God’s Word--you will stay the same.
    3.  If you are born again, you are the seed of Abraham and have a right to the promises of God.
    4. Prosperity is born out of a covenant God made with His words—the words found in the Bible (Joshua 1:8).
  2. God takes pleasure in your prosperity because He is magnified in it (Psalm 35:27).
    1. Society has reduced prosperity to money, but God is interested in total life prosperity, which includes, but is not limited to, money.
      1. Total life prosperity is “shalom”—continual well being and success.
      2. Prosperity can’t be bad if God takes pleasure in it.
      3. Jesus restored all of the pieces of the “prosperity pie” that the Devil stole.
    2.  Jesus came to preach the Gospel to the poor—those who were lacking something.
      1. It is good to give to the poor; however, you must remember to preach the Gospel to them as well (Matthew 11:4-5).
    3. It is possible to be rich in material assets and poor in other areas of your life (Revelation 3:17).
      1. Although a person may be financially wealthy, he or she may be lacking meaningful relationships or be dying of cancer.
    4. Total life prosperity begins in the soul (3 John 2).
      1. The prosperity of your soul must be your first priority because it determines your position in life.
      2. Soul prosperity comes from the revelation of God’s Word.
      3. If you are “down on your luck,” it is not because of luck, but because you are lacking the light of God’s Word.
      4. It is impossible for you not to prosper when the Word is operational in your heart.
    5. The Word of God is your highway to the world of wealth (Job 22:21-22).
    6. 6. If you take the seed of God’s Word and put it in your heart, then wealth and riches will be in your house (Psalm 112:1-3).
    7. Seek out people who are sent with the message of prosperity to break the poverty chain.

  3. The seed of God’s Word controls the outcome of your endeavors in the kingdom of God.
    1. Prosperity is born out of truth--if you don’t love truth, you’ll never be free from trials (Psalm 45:3-4).
    2. Wisdom and light lead to mighty works (Matthew 13:54).
      1. Light comes when revelation knowledge of the Word enters your heart.
    3. The Word of God is the all-controlling seed (Luke 8:11).
      1. Every “Word seed” has a harvest time.
    4. To prosper in any area, you have to have revelation knowledge of that particular area.
      1. God doesn’t prosper you on the basis of your money seed, but on the basis of the light you have inside of you.
      2. When the Word is operational in your life, it causes your money seed to increase.
      3. Until the Word seed is in place, there is no future for your money seed.
      4. God’s Word is your foundation for prosperity.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church