The Holy Spirit is a real Person, and He ministers in the earth today. It is through Him that the kingdom of God system operates. Failure to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit
prevents you from benefiting from His presence. In these last days, it
is crucial to acknowledge His presence in your life.

  1. The Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave dwells in you (Romans 8:11).
    1. The Holy Spirit causes your mortal body to become supernaturally alive to God.
      1. The Spirit of God lives inside of you; therefore, it is illegal for sickness to reside in your physical body.
      2. Evidence of your acknowledgement of His presence can be determined by your behavior.
    2. Fellowship with your unseen Partner causes His power to flow in your life.
    3. You cannot live a Spirit-filled life without the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
    4. He is grieved when you ignore Him.

  2. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Matthew 3:11).
    1. When you became born again, you received both the Holy Spirit and fire.
      1. Fire has a purifying, cleansing and sweeping affect.
      2. Anything that doesn’t glorify God will be burned with unquenchable fire.
      3. The conviction you feel when ungodly things are present in your life is the Holy Spirit letting you know that He is present, fanning the fire
        in your life.
    2. Your refusal to pay attention quenches the Spirit.
      1. When He is quenched, His power and fire depart from you.

  3. The Holy Spirit guides you into all truth (John 16:12-13).
    1. He is the truth-giving Spirit, Who guides you in every area of life.
    2. The Spirit of Truth knows all things and wants to give you knowledge.
      1. Many believers are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).
      2. The Holy Spirit wants to make sure that you are never destroyed.
      3. If you engage the help of the Holy Spirit and submit to Him, He will show you things to come.
    3. The Comforter reminds you of what you have been taught (John 14:26).
      1. He will remind you of the Word that you have stored inside of you at the very time that you need it.
    4. When you acknowledge Him, you will have a solution to every problem.
    5. You need the assistance and guidance of the Holy Spirit to experience increase in your life.

  4. The Holy Spirit reproves the world of sin, righteousness and judgment.
    1. The Holy Spirit convicts you when you revert back to your old sinful nature.
    2. You are empowered to walk in righteousness through the Holy Spirit’s ministry.
      1. If you are still interested in ungodly or unhealthy things, ask the Holy Spirit to reprove you and empower you to walk in His righteousness
        (John 16:8).
    3. He establishes the judgment of the world through believers.
      1. You have the authority to judge and condemn ungodly behavior (Isaiah 54:17).

  5. The Holy Spirit testifies to the truth (John 15:26).
    1. The greatest testimony is seeing the Word established in your life.
    2. Decree a thing with your mouth (Job 22:28); when it shows up, that is the Holy Spirit giving testimony of it.
      1. There can be no testimony without your giving a decree.
      2. You must have confidence that the Holy Spirit will make it a reality.

  6. The Holy Spirit intercedes for the saints.
    1. To intercede means, “to go on the behalf of another.”
    2. The Spirit intercedes for you when you pray in the Spirit (Romans 8:26-28).
      1. Prayer without the Holy Spirit is dead.
    3. He will help the weaknesses of your flesh, which is your inability to always know what to pray.
      1. Since the Spirit of God knows everything, He intercedes and helps you to pray about the unknown; as a result, you always pray the perfect
    4. When you love God, you can be confident that everything concerning your prayer life will work together for your good.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church