People who hear the Word but aren’t doers of the Word live foolishly, deceiving themselves and experiencing defeat in every area. The Word is the wisdom of God. The written wisdom of God
will open you up to the spoken Word of God. Hearing and obeying God’s
Word enables you to have success in every area of life.

  1. If you are a hearer only and not a doer of the Word, you deceive yourself.
    1. A forgetful hearer is a person who hears but does not do the Word.
      1. You are a hypocrite if you are not a doer of the Word.
      2. After you hear the Word tests will come. If you forget the information, you will flunk the test.
      3. When hearing the Word, take notes based on how the Word is impacting your life and the actions you plan to take to change your thinking and
        1. Example: I need to start walking in love toward my wife.

  2. If you do not obey Jesus, then it makes no sense to call him “Lord.”
    1. If Jesus is Lord of your life, your only response to the Word is to accept it and do what it says.
    2. Hypocrisy and secret sin are always eventually revealed.
    3. Jesus expects simple, child-like obedience.
    4. The Word of God is not optional, and until it becomes real to you, its promises will not become realities.

  3. A man who hears and obeys the Word is wise.
    1. Jesus states that whoever hears and does the Word shall be likened to a wise man who builds his house upon a rock (Matthew 7:24).
      1. How you handle the Word determines whether or not you are wise or foolish.
        1. Wise men know how to handle the Word, while foolish men disregard it.
      2. Do not act out on things without hearing God’s Word on them first.

  4. The Word of God is Wisdom.
    1. The Word of God is life and health.
    2. The Word of God produces riches, honor and supernatural results.
    3. Hearing plus Doing = Transformation.

  5. The written Word of God opens the door to the spoken Word of God.
    1. If you don’t pay attention to the written Word, you will not be able to hear the spoken Word.
      1. The spoken Word of God includes specific details for success.
        1. The Word instructs us to overcome evil with good. For example: Continue to do what’s right even when others mistreat you.
    2. Our lives are the way they are because of the way we hear and do or hear and don’t do the Word.
      1. Hear the Word. Do the Word. Enjoy life.
    3. Disobedience to the Written Word hardens your heart to the voice of God.
      1. Foolish men commonly disobey the Word by continuing in old behavior patterns, like murmuring and complaining, returning evil for evil, fornicating,
        not walking in love and failing to sow seeds.
    4. Being a doer of the Word will produce supernatural results.

  6. Your prosperity often depends on what you do with the instructions God gives you.
    1. It is important to do specifically what God says (John 2:1-9).
    2. The manifestation may not be immediately apparent, but God’s Word never fails.
    3. Obedience changes circumstances in the midst of you obeying God (v. 8).
    4. When you sow obedience, you reap manifestation of God’s promises.

Scripture References:

  • James 1:22-25
  • Luke 6:46
  • Proverbs 4:7
  • Matthew 7:24-27
  • John 2:1-9
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church