The anointing is not for those who don’t plan to use it; instead, it is for those who want positive results in their lives. It is available to those who recognize that they need God every
day, knowing that they are nothing without Him. You open the gate to the
anointing with an insatiable thirst for God.



  1. What is the anointing and how does it work?
    1. The anointing is a divine enabling.
      1. It is God’s ability on your ability to get the job done.
      2. It is required for breakthrough in a Christian’s life in these last days.
    2. With the anointing on your life, burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed (Isaiah 10:27).
    3. To have the anointing operating in your life, you must:
      1. Love righteousness.
        1. God could anoint Jesus with the oil of gladness because He loved righteousness and hated wickedness (Psalm 45:7).
      2. Walk in love.
        1. Just as the Word of God carries the faith of God, the love of God carries the anointing of God.
        2. The anointing will cost you something.
      3. Live a life of praise.
        1. The anointing doesn’t operate in the lives of whiners and complainers.

  2. Power is necessary to accomplish great things.
    1. Power isn’t the spectacular, but the supernatural; it is the ability to get results.
    2. The anointing is never put on a person who isn’t doing anything.
      1. If you aren’t willing to do what the Word says, then you don’t need the anointing.
    3. The kingdom of God is based on power, not enticing words (1 Corinthians 4:20, AMP; 1 Corinthians 2:4, AMP).
    4. The kingdom of God does not lie in church attendance, prayer, fasting or tithing. These are important, but if they don’t culminate in power, then
      they are useless.
    5. God endowed you with power the day you became born again (Luke 10:19).
    6. Power is the true identity of the saints (John 1:12).
      1. It is not limited to miracles; instead, it is demonstrated in every area of your life. b.
      2. The mark of every Christian is the power of God on their life to get the job done.
    7. The day will come when Christians will rule in the midst of their enemies (Psalm 110:1-3). This day will precede Jesus’ return.

  3. You must have a never-ending thirst for God.
      1. Thirst is the gateway to power. It is an insistent desire, a longing.
      2. King David compared his thirst for the Word of God to a deer who pants after a brook (Psalm 42:1).
      3. Thirst is how you receive power.
        1. Thirst will buy you what you need (Isaiah 55:1).
        2. God will check your heart for your level of thirst.
      4. Many mighty men of God thirsted after Him.
        1. Moses had experienced God many times, yet he prayed that he would get to know Him better (Exodus 33:12-13).
        2. Paul, who was anointed, wanted to know God better (Philippians 3:10).
      5. Only a thirst for God’s power brings the anointing.
      6. Don’t be satisfied with the small amount of the anointing that you have experienced or the first victory or answered prayer.
        1. When you have a thirst, you will never be satisfied with where you are.
        2. Continually seek God
        3. Ask yourself if you are thirsty or satisfied.
      7. It is through the power of God that your enemies will submit (Psalm 66:3).

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church