For the principles of God’s Word to produce results in your life, they must be supported by the necessary foundation (Psalm 11:3, AMP). Dedication to God is part of the foundation for living a prosperous life. When you are dedicated and committed to the things of God, your life will be fruitful.


  1. Your heart is where your treasure is (Matthew 6:21).

    1. God is after your heart.
      1. When God has your heart, your sacrifices are acceptable to Him (Psalm 51:16-19).

      2. When you make God your treasure and give Him your heart, you can have whatever is in His hands.

    2. Your prosperity is determined by the motives of your heart.
      1. It is an act of perversion to seek after the creation and ignore the Creator.

  2. The Macedonian  Church prospered because they kept “first things” first (2 Corinthians 8:1-5).

    1. The Macedonians first gave themselves to the Lord, and their prosperity became legendary.

    2. When you are dedicated to God, you are connected to Him and His pleasures.

    3. Plant yourself in the house of God (Psalm 92:13-14). 
      1.    To be planted means “to be committed.”

      2. When a tree is planted in the ground, it is committed to that spot; it doesn’t uproot itself.

    4. When you are dedicated, you flourish in the courts of God.
      1. If you are not flourishing, it’s a matter of commitment—you must be planted somewhere long enough to establish roots deep enough so that you can grow and bear fruit.

    5. Don’t leave God when things don’t work out the way you want them to.
      1. A period of time must go by to show what’s in your heart.

      2. Don’t tempt God by talking about quitting.

      3. He has already shown you what He is capable of doing.

    1. Transformation has a price tag—deadly commitment.

    2. You must dedicate yourself to the Word of God.

    3. There are sins of omission; what you don’t do might kill you.

    4. It was because of Jesus’ dedication to God that He willingly gave His life on the cross (John 10:17-18).
      1. He knew that He had to be sown into the ground and die in order to be fruitful.

    5. Dedication is kingdom commitment and kingdom connection.
      1. Until you commit yourself to the kingdom ground, you cannot be fruitful.

  3. God is looking for deadly commitment.

    1. A seed must be planted and die before the plant can grow; you must die to your plans, career and decisions (John 12:24-26).
      1. Growth will not occur if you become uprooted every time trouble or pressure shows up.

      2. Pressure comes to make you believe that the Word won’t work in your life.

      3. Once you prove your dedication, breakthrough is about to come into your life.

      4. It costs you something to be planted.

    2. Dedication is the mystery behind distinction in the body of Christ.

  4. dedicated person is like a tree that brings forth fruit (Psalm 2:1-3).

    1. When you are dedicated and committed to the things of God, whatever your hands touch prospers.
      1. You become a tree of righteousness (Isaiah 61:3).

    2. The fruitfulness of a Christian is apparent when he or she is thoroughly dedicated to God.
      1. Daniel’s dedication to pray three times a day caused him to prosper past the lion’s den.

      2. Joshua’s dedication caused him to be promoted after Moses died.

    3. Nothing can be multiplied until it has been sown.
      1. Your life must be sown before multiplication can occur.

    4. Jesus gives a hint on how to live (John 15:5).
      1. When you remain attached to the vine, you will continuously draw life from it.

      2. When the branch breaks away from the vine, it will dry up and die.

    5. Dedication determines the flow from God to you.

  5. Dedication precedes transformation (Romans 12:1-2).

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church