Most people think that the phrase "the hand of God" refers to God's presence. In some cases it does, but the Word reveals that it also signifies God's power expressed in judgment and
blessings. When you command God's hand over the situations in your life,
the thief is judged and he has to compensate you seven-fold for all
that he has stolen from you

  1. When the hand of the Lord is present, great things happen.
    1. When the Gospel was preached to them, a great number of Jews believed and were saved (Acts 11:19-21).
      1. This is an expression of God's blessing.

  2. When the hand of the Lord gets involved in troubled situations, there will be compensation for one and judgment for another.
    1. Make sure that you are the one being compensated.
    2. God doesn't judge the person, but the spirit operating through the person.
    3. The hand of the Lord expressed judgment on Bar-jesus, a false prophet, for a season (Acts 13:6; 9-11).
      1. Judgment only lasts for a season because it is God's ultimate intent to see people saved and delivered.
      2. God's hope is that after judgment, there will be repentance.
      3. You must not command the hand of the Lord on people, but on the spirit that is operating in them.
    4. Compensation is the reward of the Believer.
      1. You must fully understand the revelation of the hand of God in order to receive compensation.

  3. The power of God's hand judged Egypt (Exodus 3:20-21).
    1. Moses commanded the hand of the Lord and Israel was delivered from bondage (Exodus 13:3).
      1. When you command the hand of the Lord, it will bring you out of bondage.
      2. Once you are delivered, be sure to tell others that you were brought out by the strength of the hand of God.
      3. God wants the knowledge of the strength of His hand to be passed down from generation to generation (verses 9, 14).
        1. He wants the earth to know and respect the strength of His mighty hand (Joshua 4:22-24).
    2. God's hand is capable of destroying your enemies (Exodus 15:6).
      1. Every deliverance you've experienced in your life is the result of the power of God's hand at work (Numbers 11:23, AMP).
      2. There is nothing that you are going through that God's hand can't destroy.
      3. God is limited in your life when you fail to remember the mighty works of His hands (Psalm 78:41-42).
      4. When you forget the hand of God, you crown yourself god and carry your cares instead of placing them in His hands.
    3. You must humble yourself under the mighty hand of God (1 Peter 5:6-7).
      1. You humble yourself by placing your cares in God's hands.
      2. Self-preservation, emotional hurt and a sense of powerlessness are the reasons why many people choose to carry their cares.
    4. You will see the power of God's hand in these last days.
      1. God is releasing the revelation of the strength of His hand through His prophets to prepare the church.
    5. The perversion that exists today has existed before. However, like the days of old, whenever perversion reaches its limit, the hand of God
      brings judgment.
      1. The strength of God's hand will subdue enemies and terrorism (1 Samuel 7:13).

  4. God has given every Believer the authority and the responsibility to command His hand.
    1. The word command means to appoint, assign and commission.
    2. You were created to have this authority (Genesis 1:26-27).
      1. Manifestation comes when Believers use their authority to command the hand of God to get involved in their situations (Isaiah 45:11).
      2. You cannot have more confidence in your hand than you do in the strength of God's hand.
      3. You can determine the work of God's hands (Psalm 8:6) by opening your mouth and commanding His hands to move on your behalf.
        1. The Word of God is your point of contact to commission God's hand.
        2. Make a list of every enemy in your life and then release the hand of God.

  5. Satan is at the root of every bad thing in your life. You must make him compensate you seven-fold (Proverbs 6:30-32).
    1. The Word gives you the right to demand recompense from the devil.
    2. Christians have the responsibility and authority to condemn every tongue of judgment (Isaiah 54:17).

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church