Your words determine the course of your life. If you are not saying anything, you are not creating anything. Create your world by confessing God's Word. If you believe something, you will speak
it aloud. Confession confirms what you say you believe in your heart
and releases the faith for what you believe to come to pass in your

  1. Talking is the next action in kingdom prosperity.
    1. Salvation, or wholeness in every area of your life, is available to you; however, you must speak.
    2. Confessions confirm what you believe (Romans 10:10, AMP).
    3. You speak what you believe (2 Corinthians 4:13).
    4. Your mouth is a key factor in tapping into God's prosperity.

  2. Your mouth sets the stage for God or the Devil.
    1. Don't stop speaking the Word (Joshua 1:8).
    2. Your mouth gives expression to the things in the realm of the spirit.
      1. The spirit realm is controlled by the Word of God.
      2. The natural realm should be controlled by a person's speaking God's Word.
      3. The spirit realm is the parent realm; everything in the natural realm comes out of the spirit realm.
    3. The spoken Word of God has creative power.
      1. Focus on what you have been speaking.
      2. God sees what you say as the conclusion of your expectation (Mark 11:23).
    4. What have you spoken in God's ears? God is waiting to perform on your behalf based on what He hears you speak (Numbers 14:28).
    5. Your mouth can destroy what you have built and stop your progress.
    6. Your tongue sets the course for your life; don't speak anything that will throw you off of God's course (James 3:5-6).
      1. If you have spoken words that are contrary to God or His operation, quickly repentmake the necessary adjustments and get back on course.
      2. Speak the truth (what God says) despite the facts (circumstances).
      3. You determine your destination.
      4. Stop heading toward a destination that doesn't exist.
      5. God is your "Air Traffic Controller."
      6. Discover your destination based on what God's Word says.
    7. Don't be afraid to speak what His Word says in private and in public. You are not speaking for anyone else's benefit but your own.
    8. God is committed to the words of His servant, and He confirms them (Isaiah 44:26).
    9. Talk and act in line with prosperity.
      1. God weighs what you speak and do; they weigh the same.
      2. Until you talk prosperity, you can't have it.
      3. Don't look poor and expect riches; "fake it till you make it" by making the best of what you already have.
      4. Don't expect to remain where you are.
      5. Prosperity is produced on the ticket of faith, and faith is expressed by what you say and do.
      6. Continually speak the Word of God (Psalm 35:27-28).
    10. Your mouth is a master key (Proverbs 18:20-21); confessing the Word is part of the process.
    11. Don't speak God's Word in fear.
      1. Fear-based confessions won't bring the results you desirethey'll bring what you fear.
      2. Don't speak words that are not in line with God's Word (Psalm 34:12-13).

  3. Until you speak, you really don't believe a thing (Luke 1:45).
    1. Speak your faith.
    2. Fill your heart with God's Word, and then speak it.
    3. Speak by faith and work by faith.
      1. Good things come from the fruit of your mouth (Proverbs 12:14, AMP; Proverbs 13:2).
    4. There are certain things you should never say.
      1. What you say in private is responsible for your private circumstances.
      2. There is never not a reason why things happen the way they do—examine your words.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church