The flesh is a mindset that agrees with anything that opposes the Word of God. It operates through reasoning and questioning. There is a difference between asking a legitimate biblical
question and questioning the Word as a result of doubt and unbelief.

  1. Walking in the Spirit versus walking in the flesh is a way of thinking (Galatians 5:16-24).
    1. The difference between walking in the Spirit and walking in the flesh is your point of view.
      1. Having God’s point of view = the Spirit.
      2. Having man’s point of view = the flesh.
    2. You must read the Word to obtain God’s point of view.
      1. God looks out of a vertical window—from heaven and His Word.
      2. Man looks out of a horizontal window—only those things that can be comprehended by his senses.

  2. Reasoning is walking in the flesh.
    1. Reasoning always takes the form of a question (Luke 5:20-23) that stems from doubt and unbelief.
    2. When you question the Word, you are really looking for an excuse not to change (Matthew 13:53-58).
      1. People who practice reasoning will ultimately become offended (verse 57).
      2. Jesus calls questioning and reasoning “unbelief” (verse 58).
    3. John the Baptist’s questions regarding Jesus’ true identity brought him into unbelief and offense (Matthew 11:2-6).
      1. He allowed his incarceration to cause him to lean to the flesh instead of to the Spirit.
      2. His questions blocked his anointing and blessing, and led him down the road to destruction.
      3. Avoid becoming offended with God, Who is your only Help in the time of trouble.
    4. Paul and Silas leaned to the Spirit while incarcerated (Acts 16:26).
      1. When things happen in your life that you don’t understand, don’t question God.
      2. Allow praise and thanksgiving to bring you out.
      3. You must use your mouth to enforce your victory, not your defeat.
      4. When people see your deliverance from adverse circumstances, they will want to be saved.

  3. There are four areas that will hinder you from seeing things from God’s point of view.
    1. Your current circumstances.
      1. When your circumstances cause you to say things like, “I don’t see how it’s going to happen when I don’t have a job,” you are walking in the
      2. Walking in the Spirit says, “I see what I believe.”
      3. Whatever you are believing God for is already done (Isaiah 46:9-10, AMP).
    2. Your previous experiences.
      1. Don’t allow them to limit you from receiving what God can do for you right now.
      2. You past mistakes do not have to prevent you from laying hold of your future increase.
    3. Other people’s experiences.
      1. Acting on the experiences of others will limit you in receiving what God wants to do in your life.
      2. When their experience becomes your expectation, you are walking in the flesh.
    4. Negative or limiting words.
      1. Ignore the negativity of others.
      2. The ultimate prize for the flesh is to get you to quit.
      3. When you overcome the negative words spoken over your life, real promotion has taken place.

  4. This is the year of fullness (nothing needed and nothing wanted) for those who walk in the Spirit.
    1. When the Lord is the Shepherd of your life, you have no want—that is fullness.
    2. Next year is the year of the overflow; however, you can’t overflow unless you are already full.
    3. Overflow is not for you, it is for the kingdom.
    4. It all begins with changing the way you think.
      1. You cannot think in line with the world and receive your expectations from the Word.
      2. You must not entertain thoughts of defeat, because a man is what he thinks (Proverbs 23:7).

Scripture References:

  • Galatians 5:16-24
  • Luke 5:20-23
  • Matthew 13:53-58
  • Matthew 11:2-6
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  • Proverbs 23:7
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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church