Characteristics of new Christians include being on fire for God and having an unquenchable zeal for the things of the Lord. Young Christians are eager to learn and to be involved in
everything their church has to offer. Unfortunately, over time, the fire
and zeal begin to fade and are replaced with complacency, lukewarm
feelings and indifference. It is time to rekindle the fire and continue
gaining knowledge of God, as well as being busy in the things of God.

  1. Rekindle your fire for God.
    1. After becoming born again, joining a church and growing in the things of God, many people become complacent.
      1. Complacent means, “self-satisfied and unconcerned.”
        1. It is a state of being happy with where you are and not desiring to move forward.
      2. The children of Israel became complacent in the wilderness. They were content to stay in the land of “just enough” instead of moving to the
        land of “more than enough.”
    2. People who do not want to be involved in church activities, who do not volunteer or who cut back on their church attendance use many excuses
      for not attending or being involved in church.
      1. It’s raining; I’m tired; I’m too busy, etc. The list can be endless.
    3. God will never become complacent toward us or our prayers.
    4. Take a moment to examine your life and ask: Where is my zeal? Where is my fire? What happened to my passion?
    5. Be careful not to neglect spending time at church with other Believers (Hebrews 10:25, AMP).
      1. By coming together, people are able to encourage one another.
    6. People sometimes find it hard to stir themselves up and get excited about God after they have gained extensive knowledge about Him.
      1. It’s up to the pastor to remind the congregation of what they know and for the people to remember what God has done for them (2 Peter 1:12-13).
    7. Lukewarm is a better description of people’s attitudes than complacency. It is described as not being zealous, which is being passionate, eager,
      enthusiastic, earnest, fervent and heartfelt.
      1. Newly born-again Christians are usually zealous.
      2. Revelation 3:14-20 (AMP) is the only place in the Bible where the term lukewarm is used.
        1. God wanted the church of Laodicea to be either hot or cold instead of lukewarm.
          1. A lukewarm person causes God to vomit.
      3. Some people who obtain wealth become lukewarm because they feel they have received everything that they need from God and don’t need anything else
        from Him.
        1. These people do not realize that they have lost their zeal. Jesus said they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked (v. 17, KJV).
        2. Jesus wants us to be truly wealthy, which we can only receive through Him by being “enthusiastic, earnest and burning with zeal” (v. 19, AMP).
    8. The key to overcoming being lukewarm is to repent and have a change of attitude.
    9. As a person continues to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word, the individual should continue to express passion, enthusiasm and zeal for
      the Lord (Romans 10:2).

  2. Recognize key areas where indifference has entered your life.
    1. Indifference is “being neutral; not interested; not leaning to one side or the other; a sense of apathy; impartial; unconcerned; to care less;
      middling; tolerable; absence of feeling; mediocrity.”
    2. The two areas where indifference invades one’s life are: spiritually and in service.
    3. Check your spirit to determine if the spirit of indifference has invaded you spiritually.
      1. Are you at ease while others work for the kingdom (Psalm 123:4, AMP)?
        1. The church is not supposed to be serving you; you are supposed to be serving the church.
        2. Don’t allow ease to put you in neutral; you can’t obtain God’s promises in neutral.
      2. God commands you to rise up out of your position of ease (Isaiah 32:9).
      3. An indifferent spirit causes you to sit safely and securely and keeps you from moving out of your comfort zone (Isaiah 47:8, AMP).
      4. People who feel condemned often stay away from the church (Isaiah 64:7).
        1. Don’t allow the ease of staying at home keep you from fellowshipping with others.
        2. On the other hand, don’t shoot the wounded when they miss the mark.
      5. God warns those who are at ease in the church: You will inevitably face captivity (Amos 6:1, 7).
      6. Jesus warns that those who make light of His invitation to come to Him and decide to go their own way will not receive the blessings that He has
        prepared for them (Matthew 22:5).
      7. It is important to have the love of God in your life and not to be indifferent, because the Bible warns that the love of many will grow
        cold, which will cause lawlessness inside and outside of the church
        (Matthew 24:12, AMP).
    4. Indifference in service will lead to procrastination.
      1. The cares of family and worldly things will take precedence over the church’s needs.
      2. Will you allow others to get involved in meeting the church’s needs while you sit back and watch (Numbers 32:6)?
        1. Where is your service?
      3. Ask yourself: How long will I be slack, or slow-moving, in regards to being in service to the church (Joshua 18:3)?

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church