The world system is failing, and things will continue to collapse because the world system is not designed to handle the catastrophes and calamities that are increasing in these last days.
Christians must learn how to operate correctly in the kingdom of God
system, which never fails. When you make God's Word and His way of doing
things a priority, you will experience success and victory even in
troubled times.

  1. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
    1. The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God are used interchangeably in the Bible.
    2. John the Baptist preached about the nearness of God's kingdom and the need for repentance (Matthew 3:1-2).
      1. According to the Amplified Bible, repentance means to "think differently" or to "change your mind" (v. 2).
      2. Jesus also preached that the kingdom of God was close and admonished people to change their minds for the better (Matthew 4:17).

  2. The world system versus the kingdom of God system.
    1. The kingdom of God is simply God's way of doing things.
    2. The world system operates differently from the kingdom of God system.
    3. Before a person became born again, he or she operated in the world system.
      1. Most people are primarily educated in how to operate according to the world's way of doing things.
      2. When a person becomes born again, he or she is in the world but is no longer a part of the world system.
      3. God has a prescribed system of operation for those who are saved, which is greater and better than the world.
        1. Believers must change systems and become educated in the Word of God to learn how to operate in His kingdom.
        2. Many Christians are trying to live according to the world system when they should be operating in the kingdom of God system.
        3. Christians are trying to receive healing, deliverance and financial wealth based on the system of the world while completely ignoring God's way of doing
    4. Most people who operate in the world system don't know how to properly deal with worry.
      1. Christians don't have to deal with worry when they operate by the kingdom of God system (Matthew 6:33).
    5. You must know what the kingdom of God is before you can properly operate in that kingdom.

  3. How does the kingdom of God operate?
    1. The kingdom of God system operates according to a process of seed, time and harvest (Mark 4:21-32).
      1. Just as a farmer must plant seed to reap a harvest, Believers must do the same.
    2. The kingdom of God can be compared to a small seed (v. 31). When it is planted in good ground, it produces a mighty harvest.
      1. Your minimum seed will always demand God's maximum harvest.
    3. In the kingdom of God, your Bible is not a book of rules, but a bag of seeds.
      1. Your heart is the ground where the Word must be planted.
      2. The Word enters your heart through your eyes, ears and mouth.
        1. Your life is a sum total of the words you allow to enter your heart.
    4. According to the kingdom of God system, whenever you are missing something in your life, if you sow a seed, you will reap a harvest.
      1. Seed isn't just money.
        1. If you want love, sow love.
        2. If you want friends, sow friendship.
        3. If you want money, sow money.
        4. If you want prayer, pray for someone else.
      2. When God wanted sons and daughters, He sowed Jesus.
    5. To experience increase in the kingdom of God system, the first seed you sow must be the Word.
      1. All seed must have a Word seed attached to it.
    6. There are three keys to operating successfully in the kingdom of God.
      1. Find scriptures that relate to your circumstances and meditate on them to get them into your heart.
      2. Apply corresponding action by sowing your seed.
      3. Thank God for the harvest.

Scripture References:

  • Matthew 3:1-2
  • Matthew 4:17
  • Matthew 6:33
  • Mark 4:21-32
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church