There are two systems in operation in the earth: the world's system and the Kingdom of God. Both of them have laws that govern how they operate. Before a person becomes born again, he or she
lives according to the world's way of doing things; but when a person
becomes a Christian, he or she must switch systems and learn how to
operate in the Kingdom of God. The laws that govern the Kingdom of God
are found in the Bible, and it is the Christian's responsibility to
become knowledgeable about those laws.

  1. John the Baptist preached about the nearness of God's kingdom and the need for repentance (Matthew 3:1-2, AMP).
    1. According to The Amplified Bible, repentance means to think differently or change your mind (v.2).
      1. To successfully switch systems, Believers must change their ways of thinking.
      2. The world system and the Kingdom of God system each have their own way of thinking, which is influenced by words.
      3. A person must align his or her thoughts with the Word of God to successfully operate God's system.

  2. The kingdom of God can handle all of life's issues (Matthew 6:25-33).
    1. God already knows about your needs (v.32).
    2. God will meet your needs when you seek His kingdom first and His righteousness (v.33).
      1. The kingdom of God is His way of doing things.
    3. The way to seek God's kingdom is by reading the Bible.
      1. It teaches you how to increase, have victory over financial difficulties, walk in divine health, activate deliverance from oppression and more.
      2. The Bible contains a promise for everything that pertains to life and godliness.
    4. The only way God can increase you is by you putting into motion the laws that govern His kingdom.
    5. Once you become born again, it is your responsibility to learn God's method of operation.
      1. Sinners know how to operate their system. It is time for Believers to learn how to operate God's system.

  3. The law of the Old Testament is based on works, but the law of the New Testament is based on faith (Romans 3:27, 31).
    1. The kingdom of God operates by the law of faith.
    2. The world system operates by the law of the senses (sight, feelings, touch and smell) and fear.
      1. In the world system, seeing is believing. The world says, "It is not real until I can comprehend it with my sensory mechanisms."
      2. In the Kingdom of God, the opposite is true. Christians simply find what they need in the Word, believe it and receive it without the involvement
        of their sensory mechanisms. They believe and then see what they
      3. Christians see the object of their faith in the spiritual realm first before they see it in the natural realm.
    3. Carnal (fleshy) thinking is a way of thinking that is in opposition to the Word (Romans 8:7).

  4. The Bible says that we are to speak of God's wondrous works (Psalm 145:5).
    1. The word works in the Hebrew is translated dabar, which means things or words.
    2. Eli asked Samuel to show him the thing that the Lord said (1 Samuel 3:15-18). Eli calls God's words things.
    3. David is described as a man prudent in matters (1 Samuel 16:18).
      1. The word matters means speech. In other words, David is prudent in dabar.
    4. Words are things and they have substance (1 Samuel 16:18).
      1. People receive the physical manifestation of the words they speak.
      2. Everything in your life is derived from the words coming out of your mouth.
    5. The Word of God can cancel your negative words.
      1. Peter denied Jesus three times (Matthew 26:34).
      2. When a person denies Jesus, He denies that individual before the Father (Matthew 10:32).
        1. Peter was about to miss his eternal future with God because of his words.
      3. Jesus gave Peter three chances to confess his love for Him, which cancelled out the three times Peter denied Him (John 21:15-17).

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Pastor Robert B.
Redeemed Church