Many people in the body of Christ have become accustomed to doing as little as possible where church is concerned. They believe that attending services regularly and hearing the Word is
all that is required of them, so they don’t bother to volunteer or help
with the church’s needs. They simply don’t want to use their time to
serve the Lord. But this type of indifferent spirit leads you away from
carrying out the mission of the kingdom of God. Indifference is the
result of a lukewarm attitude toward God, and it can lead you to have a
curse on your life.

  1. An indifferent spirit can infect every area of your life.
    1. God does not want you to be lukewarm in your service to Him. He would rather have you hot or cold. A lukewarm person causes God to vomit
      (Revelation 3:14-22).
    2. Lukewarm means “to have no zeal, passion, enthusiasm or eagerness.” A lukewarm attitude leads to indifference, which is defined as “being neutral,
      apathetic, not stirred up, careless, impartial and mediocre.”
    3. Indifferent people look at their surrounding conditions to determine how they feel about God and when to serve Him.
    4. An indifferent spirit can cause you to take the things of God lightly.
      1. It can make you spiritually deaf, dull, void of the understanding of God and unable to recognize God’s presence. In times of trouble, an
        indifferent spirit prevents you from initiating prayer and may leave you
        dead in sin.

  2. Get rid of indifference and serve God willingly and zealously.
    1. Every born-again Christian has been called to be in service to God.
      1. Ask yourself, “What am I doing in service to God?”
      2. Do you sit around while others do God’s work (Numbers 32:6)?
      3. Are you slow to move when God tells you to do something (Joshua 18:2-3)?
    2. God will bless those who do what He needs done in the earth, and He will curse those who do not heed His requests (Judges 5:23).
      1. You are God’s hands and feet and you must carry out what He needs done.
    3. Don’t allow slackness to keep you from moving when God prompts you to (2 Chronicles 24:4-5; Nehemiah 3:5).
      1. Slackness will cause you to do things halfheartedly.
        1. Be careful not to do the things of God halfheartedly because a curse, or an empowerment to fail, will fall upon you (Jeremiah 48:10, AMP).
    4. Many Believers fall into the habit of going to church, hearing the Word and wearing the title “Christian,” but won’t move to do what God has called
      them to do (Ezekiel 33:31, AMP).
      1. These same people say that they love God, but their actions demonstrate that their hearts are after their own gain.
        1. When you put God first, your needs will be met.

  3. There are several identifying characteristics of people who are indifferent in serving God.
    1. People who are indifferent in serving God procrastinate.
      1. There is an open door leading to God’s promises, but procrastination keeps you from walking through the door.
      2. Why do people procrastinate?
        1. Worldly entanglements.
          1. When the angels went to warn Lot and his family to quickly leave before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, Lot and his family lingered, allowing
            the enemy to ensnare them (Genesis 19:15-16).
          2. When you linger, you give the devil an opportunity to ensnare you.
        2. Family cares.
          1. In Matthew 8:21-22, the disciple wanted to go home to bury his father, but Jesus said to follow Him and to let the dead bury their dead.
          2. Jesus wasn’t trying to be harsh but wanted the man to prioritize things properly.
          3. When you prioritize things properly, you will be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done without putting God on the back burner.
          4. If you are going to follow Jesus, then you must make Him the number one priority in your life.
        3. Unbelief.
    2. People who are indifferent in serving God are unfaithful.
    3. People who are indifferent in serving God serve “idols.”
      1. Whatever you value more than you value God is an idol. Idols keep you from spending time with God because you give more of your time to serving
        your idol than to serving God.

Scripture References:

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church