Being able to hear from and being led by the Holy Spirit are the keys to your success as a Christian. The Holy Spirit is the Truth-Giver Who leads and guides you into profit. Speaking in
tongues activates your spirit and enables rivers of living water to flow
out of it, giving you insight and wisdom to succeed in life.

  1. The more spirit-conscious you are, the more spiritual things become real to you.
    1. You are a tri-part being; the Word distinguishes between your soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12).
      1. You are a spirit, you possess a soul and you live in a physical body.
      2. Your spirit contacts the spiritual realm.
      3. Your soul contacts the intellectual realm.
      4. Your body contacts the physical realm.
    2. God is a spirit being; you can only contact Him through your spirit.

  2. The Holy Spirit is the Truth-Giver (John 16:13-14).
    1. The Holy Spirit imparts truth to your life.
    2. You must develop an awareness of your unseen Partner.

  3. Your spirit man is the avenue through which God leads you (Proverbs 20:27).
    1. God uses your spirit as a candle, or lamp, to provide guidance for your life.
    2. The leading of the Holy Spirit is governed by your born-again spirit.
    3. God will light the “candle” of your spirit to lead you (Psalm 18:28).

  4. Praying in tongues activates hidden wisdom in your spirit (1 Corinthians 14:14).
    1. Speaking and praying in tongues is the language of your spirit man.
    2. Your spirit is activated when you pray in tongues (John 7:37-39).
      1. Continuous rivers of wisdom, information and insight flow out of your spirit, because the Holy Spirit dwells in you once you become born again.

  5. God desires to lead you to the place you’re supposed to be (Isaiah 48:16-17).
    1. The inward witness is God’s number-one way of leading people (Romans 8:16).
    2. You have the inward witness of the Spirit of God in you already (1 John 5:10).
      1. God lets you know you are His child by the inward witness.
      2. Trust the witness inside of you; don’t ignore the “checks” in your spirit.
    3. You won’t get the witness of the Spirit apart from the love of God.
    4. The inward witness will show you how to love others.
    5. When you believe you have the inward witness, you won’t make haste (Isaiah 28:16).

Scripture References:

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Redeemed Church