Over a period of time, we will see the blessing unfold in our lives in various ways. However, we must have confidence in the fact that the blessing is unfolding. We must believe it is in operation, although we may not see anything taking place outwardly. We will begin to see the blessing manifest as we continue to cultivate confidence and obey God. However, when we do wrong or become negligent, we can hinder the blessing in our lives.

  1. When Isaac became an old man, he asked his older son, Esau, to go prepare a meal for him. Isaac knew that his death was near (Genesis 27:1-3).

    1. Esau went out to hunt for food. While he was away, his mother and brother conspired to take his blessing (Genesis 27:4-27).

      1. Jacob disguised himself as Esau, with his mother’s help.

      2. Isaac, who couldn’t see very well, mistakenly blessed Jacob instead of Esau.

    2. The blessing was passed on through words. Isaac blessed Jacob by speaking well of him (Genesis 27:27-30).

    3. When we do spend time with God, we may expect to see the blessing operating immediately.

      1. However, the blessing unfolds over a period of time. Just because we do not see immediate results does not mean it is not there.

      2. We must continue to be confident that we are blessed, even though we do not feel anything.

      3. In addition, we must not be negligent in spiritual disciplines, such as prayer and time spent meditating on God’s Word, and expect to receive the blessing.

Scripture References:

  • Genesis 27:1-3

Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church