Sometimes, God allows trials to take place because He is trying to accomplish His purposes in our lives. God is not the author of confusion; however, He will allow us to go through things that test our faith and build our character. Often, we bring trials upon our own lives due to disobedience or neglecting our relationship with God. When we are in the middle of a trial, we must stand on the Word and recognize that if it doesn't kill us, it will make us better.

1. Often, there is an objective God is able to fulfill, by allowing certain trials to take place in your life (Deuteronomy 8:2, 3).
1. God will take advantage of rough situations to:
1. Humble you
1. A humble man is one who will obey God.
2. Cause you to become submitted to His Word and His way of doing things
3. Prove to you what you are made of; what is in your heart
4. Show you He is your source
2. God has the authority to cause storms to get you to acknowledge Him, and run to Him (Psalm 107:25, 26).
1. God will show you why you should be grateful.
3. Sometimes, going through hurt will help you understand something about yourself that you didn't know before (Psalm 119: 71).
4. God will allow the consequences of slackness and disobedience to take their course in your life (Hosea 6:1).
1. Every commandment God gives carries with it judgment, if it is disobeyed.
2. When you have to experience negative consequences from your actions, God's love kicks in to try to get you to stop going in the wrong direction and change your course.

2. Four reasons that God allows trials in your life.
1. He loves you.
1. God knows that disobedience will cause you to be trapped in sin, so He will allow a trial to come to keep you from being caught in a trap.
2. God can cause things to get so uncomfortable for you when you disobey Him, that you will have no choice but to change directions.
3. He will cause spiritual "bumpers" to bump you into the right place.
2. He wants your attention.
1. Sometimes we allow our attention to be taken away from God and given to other things.
2. We can be so busy doing the work of the ministry that we can't hear God telling us how to be effective in ministry.
3. He wants to remove every hindrance to your fellowship with Him.
1. God wants to remove every hindrance that keeps you from being fully yielded to Him.
1. Have you made someone or something your idol?
4. He wants us to love him.
1. If God has to allow trials in our lives so that we can love and acknowledge Him more, then He will.
1. Are you in love with something or someone else more than you are in love with God?
2. If you are in love with God, then the things you need will show up.
2. God knows how to get you to spend time with Him.
3. Some of us haven't hit rock bottom yet.
4. Judge yourself every day, so you won't be judged.
5. The love of God will always be working on your behalf; even in the middle of a hard time.
1. Thank God in everything; give Him praise no matter what you're going through.

Scripture References:

* Deuteronomy 8:2, 3
* Psalm 107:25, 26
* Psalm 119:71
* Hosea 6:1

Pastor Bagonza Robert
Redeemed Church