Many times, people become offended with God when things don’t happen the way they expected or planned. However, He is the only One who can help you when things go wrong. Offense will stop the

blessing from flowing in your life, but when you exercise patience and
remain focused on God and His Word, He will turn your situations and
circumstances around.

  1. Offense is a negative reaction to an unpleasant circumstance or condition.
    1. It is God’s desire that you not become offended (Philippians 1:9-11).
    2. Offense will block your blessing because it cuts you off from the power of God to help you get out of your situation.
    3. Many people become offended with God but this is unwise because He is the only One who can help you get out of a negative situation or
    4. Don’t strive with God (Isaiah 45:9).
    5. You won’t be successful when you have a heart that is against God (Job 9:4).
      1. Job always justified himself against God, and God allowed his hedge of protection to be removed as a result.
    6. Offense is a stumbling block (Psalm 119:165).

  2. When you are offended, you tend to question God from a heart of doubt and unbelief.
    1. John the Baptist questioned whether Jesus was really the Messiah because he was imprisoned and expected Jesus to get him out of jail (Matthew
      1. John knew that Jesus was the Anointed One, but he was offended because Jesus didn’t immediately come to His rescue.
      2. John’s offense kept him from his deliverance.
        1. Offense will destroy your destiny.
        2. When you are offended, your defenses are broken down, and the serpents of life can bite you.
    2. There is a difference between asking God a legitimate question vs. questioning Him because you doubt His ability to fulfill His Word.
      1. It is a sin to doubt God through questioning Him (1Timothy 1:4).
    3. When people become easily offended, it demonstrates that they need to become more spiritually mature.

  3. Patience and love for God and His Word are the answers to offense.
    1. "Keep" the Word by holding on to it in your heart.
      1. Hold on to the Word long enough for it to develop roots in your heart.
    2. Exercise patience in order to guard against becoming offended with God.
    3. Paul and Silas refused to be offended when they were imprisoned. Instead, they prayed
    4. Many people are stranded in life today because of offense.
    5. You are blessed when you don’t become offended with God (Luke 7:23).

Scripture References:

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