What are you giving your attention to? When you give your attention to worldly things, lust will begin to contaminate your life. There is an
abundant amount of lust in the world. If you have allowed yourself to
slip into a lustful lifestyle, discover your way out through the study
of the Word.

  1. The world is a system of thinking that contradicts the Word of God.
    1. Do not fall in love with the world's way of thinking (1 John 2:15, AMP).
      1. There are contradictory norms in the world that many Christians are embracing.
        1. Marriage strictly between a man and woman is no longer acceptable to many.
        2. Ask yourself the question, Have I fallen in love with the world's way of thinking and operating?

  2. In the world, lust is in abundance (1 John 2:16, AMP).
    1. Lust is an intense appetite for self- gratification.
      1. When you yield to lust, you strengthen its effect.
        1. Lust lures you away from the will of God.
        2. It will destroy your life.
        3. Satan uses your own ungodly thoughts and desires as bait.
        4. An ungodly image in the mind can become an idol.
        5. Selfishness is at the root of all lust.
        6. Judge your desires. Are they based in love or selfishness?
      2. Resist lust and you will weaken its affect.
      3. Defeat selfishness by cultivating the love of God.
    2. Lust operates in the world through the following ways:
      1. The lust of the flesh (craving for sensual gratification).
      2. The lust of the eyes (greedy longings of the mind).
      3. The pride of life (more confidence in one's own resources than in God).
    3. The world will pass away, along with all the forbidden cravings (1 John 2:17, AMP).
      1. Those who do the will of God will abide forever.
      2. Stay away from lust and evil desires.
        1. Be careful of the company you keep; people can pass on to you a spirit of lust.

  3. Addiction to pornography comes from a need for intimacy.
    1. Pornography is a billion dollar industry.
      1. It pollutes and destroys lives.
      2. Pornography affects the mind and spirit, causing mental dullness and changes in your behavior.
    2. For many, pornography serves as a counterfeit for prayer.
    3. The greatest intimacy people will ever know is prayer.
    4. God will never tempt you to do evil (James 1:12, 13).
      1. When people pursue evil desires, God has no choice but to turn them over to their own lust (Romans 1:18-28, AMP).
      2. You are blessed indeed when you resist temptation.
    5. Consider the things you give your attention to.
      1. Give your attention to God's Word (Proverbs 4:20).

Scripture References:

  • 1 John 2:15-17, AMP
  • James 1:12, 13
  • Romans 1:18-28, AMP
  • Proverbs 4:20
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