The law of love is the greatest commandment of the Bible. If the love law is compromised, everything in your life will be compromised including the marriage relationship. Christians must make
a quality decision to stay in the "circle of love" so that God can
bless them.

  1. As Christians, we are married to Christ and are no longer bound by the law of sin and death (Romans 7, Romans 8: 1, 2).
    1. The law brought recognition to sin.
      1. The Apostle Paul said that he didn't know anything about sin until the law was given which made sin recognizable.
    2. We are free from the bondage of sin.
    3. We should not allow sin to be an excuse for selfishness. Instead through love, we should serve one another (Galatians 5:13).

  2. Every decision in life is a result of either love or selfishness. Christians must walk in love (Matthew 22:35).
    1. The marriage relationship is the number one place where selfishness exists.
      1. When spouses are more concerned with preserving their own interests than serving their mate, selfishness has entered into the relationship.
      2. If you get rid of selfishness, you will eliminate many of the problems in a relationship.
      3. Don't let your emotions cause you to be selfish.
        1. Hurt people always make bad decisions.
        2. Consciously love one another.
      4. Recognize when you are making excuses to be selfish.
    2. Fight selfishness in your relationship by communicating and by making your relationship with the other person a priority.
    3. Before getting married, make sure you go through marital counseling so you can have the wisdom and discernment you need to make the right decisions.
    4. Examine areas in which you need to change and be willing to make those changes—no matter what.
      1. Ask your spouse his or her view of you.
      2. Make the Word the final authority, and be committed to one another during difficult times.
      3. When you are tempted to respond selfishly to your mate, make a conscious decision to release the love of God toward them.
Scripture References:
  • Romans 7
  • Romans 8:1, 2
  • Matthew 22:35
  • Galatians 5:13
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church