We have to be cautious not to open ourselves up to a spirit of covetousness. Covetousness causes us to be greedy and want what someone
else has. A wrong attachment to the material realm starts with thinking
that opposes God’s Word.

  1. We should not covet our neighbor’s possessions (Exodus 20:17).
    1. Covetousness is a way of thinking, and acting that causes us to desire that which belongs to someone else.
      1. The Bible talks about a man who coveted his brother’s inheritance. His way of thinking made him think he had a right to it (Luke 12:13, AMP).
      2. Words determine the way we think.
        1. The way we think determines the way we believe.
        2. The way we believe determines the words we speak.
        3. The words we consistently speak determine our outcome in life—whether we fail or succeed.
      3. We can establish the right mindset by allowing the Word of God to govern our thinking.
        1. Right thinking, believing, and confession equal victory.
  2. We must examine where our current mindset comes from.
    1. For many of us, our thinking was derived from the world’s way of thinking.
    2. We have to be determined to change our thinking so it lines up with God’s Word.
      1. When our mindset contradicts the Word of God, we open ourselves up to covetousness.
  3. There is a way that seems right, but the end of that way is death (Proverbs 14:12).
    1. Many people believe the ways that contradict God’s Word are right; perhaps because the consequences are not always immediate.
      1. However, any way that opposes God’s Word will eventually end in death.
      2. Examine those ways that seem right to you but contradict God’s Word.
      3. This is why we have to know what the Word of God says. Ignorance is very expensive.
    2. To walk in the flesh simply means we are operating in a way that opposes God’s Word.
      1. Walking in the spirit means we have a mindset that lines up with the Word of God.
  4. When we meditate on God’s Word, we make our way prosperous (Joshua 1:8).
    1. Meditating is pondering the Word over and over in our minds.
      1. What is it that you think about more than the Word of God?
      2. We will either have our minds set on things that line up with the Word or things that do not.
      3. A negative way of thinking will cripple our lives.
      4. Ask yourself, “Is my failure in life a result of the devil or is it a result of my wrong way of thinking?”
    2. To accomplish a desire or succeed in anything, we have to have the right mindset.
      1. For example, a man with leprosy sought Jesus, knowing He could be healed (Luke 5:12-13).
      2. People who crave to be rich have a wrong relationship with money; they have developed a wrong way of thinking (1Timothy 6:9, AMP).
      3. Money is not evil, but the love of it or a wrong attachment to it is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10, AMP).
      4. Therefore, we should examine what we crave.
      5. Beware of covetousness; there is more to life than an abundance of things (Luke 12:13-21, AMP).
        1. When we have extra, we should bless others instead of hoarding it all for ourselves.
        2. God is always considering the condition of our hearts.

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