There is constantly a battle going on in our minds. We are at war daily because Satan is busy attacking our minds with thoughts that are
contrary to God’s Word. If we do not know the Word, we can be defeated
and overwhelmed by the snares of the enemy. Our victory is assured when
we align our thoughts with the Word, regardless of our circumstances.

  1. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).
    1. Satan launches his attacks in our minds.
      1. If Satan can get control of our thinking; he can control our lives.
    2. Our physical bodies are servants to our minds.
      1. Our bodies do whatever we tell them to do.
      2. We cannot blame our bodies for the decisions we make.
    3. We must cast down images and reasoning that go against God’s Word.
  2. The Bible says we are to walk in the Spirit, and not in the flesh.
    1. In the Bible, the word flesh refers to our natural bodies, as well as a mindset that goes against the Word of God.
    2. The Spirit is the Word, and it is also a mindset that agrees with God’s Word.
      1. We must be students of the Word, refreshing our minds with it each day.
      2. The mindsets we have determine our success or failure in life.
  3. Satan disguises himself well, and the lies he uses to seduce us always contain a bit of truth.
    1. When we know the Word, we can distinguish God’s voice from the voice of Satan.
      1. We must be able to recognize the attack.
      2. Satan strategizes to control our lives, much like a pilot controls an airplane.
      3. We must be sure God is our pilot
      4. It is necessary to judge ourselves every day.
  4. How do we pull down strongholds?
    1. We capture those thoughts by speaking words that line up with God’s Word.
      1. We establish boundaries by being selective about what we hear, see, and speak.
        1. We must rid ourselves of lust, selfishness, and greedy images.
      2. Uncontested and negative thoughts are how strongholds are built.
        1. Cast down images and reasoning that exalt themselves against your knowledge of God’s Word.
        2. Pull down every high thing that goes against God’s Word.
        3. Those “high things” are those things the world holds at high value.
  5. Change your mindset by renewing it regularly with the Word of God (Romans 12:1-2).
    1. Do not be conformed to this world.
      1. There should be a distinction between Christians and non-Christians.
      2. We change by the renewing of our minds.

Scripture References:

  • 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
  • Romans 12:1-