Depression is a result of external pressures getting inside a person’s heart and mind, and weighing them down. It is not God’s will for us to be
depressed. Renewing the mind with the Word of God gives us new hope, a
new perspective, and a new way of thinking. We must allow God’s Word to
saturate our thinking, creating a barrier against depression.

  1. Depression is part of the curse.
    1. Christ has purchased our freedom. We have been redeemed from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13, AMP).
      1. When we are depressed, we must know deliverance has already been bought and paid for by Jesus.
      2. Depression has a root cause.
      3. If we think the wrong thoughts, we will believe and confess the wrong things. This cycle leads to failure.
    2. The sin committed in the Garden of Eden was the sin of being emotionally-ruled (Genesis 3:1-6).
      1. Emotions are internal feelings that move us in a certain direction.
      2. Adam and Eve allowed their emotions to move them in the wrong direction. Their desires to be like God moved them to disobey His instructions
        regarding eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and
      3. God has given us emotions, but we must not allow them to have authority over us.
      4. Negative emotions move us away from God’s will for our lives.
      5. Holy emotions draw us closer to Him.
      6. When we are depressed, we give our emotions the authority to rule over us.
  2. We become depressed when we allow the external pressures of life to overwhelm us and weigh us down.
    1. There will always be problems in our lives; however, our reaction to them will determine our success or failure.
      1. Cast all your cares, concerns, and worries on God because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7, AMP).
      2. Work hard to enter into His rest and proclaim, “I don’t care” or “I refuse to allow worry, concern, or anxiety to overwhelm me.”
      3. Cares, concerns, and worries enter our hearts when we meditate on problems instead of meditating on the Word.
    2. Depression is internalized stress and pressure; it is an emotion that comes from thoughts that weigh you down.
    3. Words determine how you think.
      1. Discover what words are producing your current way of thinking.
      2. Deal with unresolved frustrations.
      3. Become a student of the Word and refuse to allow discouragement or despair to set in.
      4. Suicide is a selfish act.
      5. We must change our thinking to line up with the Word of God when dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  3. Symptoms of depression:
    1. Reclusiveness or withdrawing from reality. God said it is not good for man to be alone. People need other people to stay connected to reality.
    2. A passive mind. Having an “I don’t care” attitude. Things that once mattered to you do not matter any more such as your personal upkeep and taking care of
      your surroundings.
    3. Magnifying difficulties. Turning small matters into huge problems.
    4. Lack of concentration. Your mind starts wandering from one subject to the next and you are unable to remain focused on anything.
  4. Depression can cause other problems.
    1. It can negatively affect your health. The root of disease is dis-ease in the soul.
    2. Depression can cause you to carry guilt. Forgive yourself and refuse to allow condemnation in your heart.
    3. Many angry people are depressed. Depression can cause jealously and hostility.
  5. Causes of Depression
    1. People who are depressed have experienced trauma of some kind.
    2. Unfulfilled expectations and disappointment can cause you to become depressed.
    3. Rejection, which is a feeling of not being accepted, causes depression. It is the result of trying to find self-worth and significance.
      1. Your self-worth is not determined by your performance or people’s opinions of you.
      2. Your self-worth is wrapped up in the truth that God loves you.
      3. God determines your significance.
    4. Dead, religious traditions, which can cause bondage, also cause depression.
    5. Dealing with long-term physical illness can cause someone to be depressed.
  6. How do I get rid of depression?
    1. Think different thoughts.
    2. Face the issue.
    3. Take action to break the depression by renewing your mind.
    4. Speak to your mountains and tell depression to leave!
    5. Let your spirit govern your mind. Speak to your mind and command your soul to be brought under subjection to the Word. The Word is an enemy to
      depression (Psalm 40:1-5).

Scripture References:

  • Galatians 3:13, AMP
  • Genesis 3:1-6
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  • Psalms 40:1-5