The flesh is a way of thinking that goes against the Word of God. We must guard our minds by not listening to and looking at things that cater to
an ungodly mindset. Walking in the Spirit means adopting a mindset that
agrees with the Word. When we renew our minds with the Word of God, we
can avoid the mindsets that displease God.

  1. It is imperative we set our minds to act on the Word.
    1. We must do more than simply learn the Word; doing the Word renews our minds.
      1. Obeying God’s Word will deliver us from a curse, which is an empowerment to fail.
        1. Every curse has a cause.
        2. When we sin, we invite curses in our lives, the consequences of which produce new battles for us to fight.
      2. The first step to any change is to change our thinking.
      3. If we continue to renew our minds with the Word, we will prove the will of God for our lives.
        1. We should not allow our definitions of success to be distorted or influenced by the world’s standards.
        2. Success is fulfilling the will of God for your life. It cannot be defined by material things.
  2. What hinders us from seeing things God’s way?
    1. Current Circumstances
      1. Circumstances such as a lack of finances, a bad report from the doctor, or marital problems, can hinder us from walking in the Spirit.
      2. Your circumstance is the circle you are standing in. What are you presently standing in that is hindering you from seeing things God’s way?
    2. Previous experiences
      1. Do notallow what has happened in your life previously to limit what God can do for you today
    3. Other people’s experiences.
      1. Do not allow the past experiences of others to hold you back.
    4. Other people’s words
      1. Have the words of someone else hindered your progress?
      2. Satan’s ultimate objective is to get you to quit on God.
      3. Real promotion comes through overcoming your battles.
      4. What is the battle that keeps resurfacing in your life that you have yet to overcome?

Scripture References:

  • Galatians 5:16
  • Ephesians 1:3
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  • Jeremiah 17:5, AMP