There are many things that can attack our confidence when we take our eyes off God and His Word. Natural circumstances will begin to become more
real than the Word of God. However, if we continue to engage in God’s
Word, we will gain the confidence we need to overcome the negative
circumstances in the world.

  1. Faith is a practical expression of the confidence we have in God and His Word.
    1. Confidence fuels the Word of God and connects us to the manifestation of what we believe.
      1. Confidence is having full trust in God.
        1. Our confidence has to be developed.
        2. When we have confidence in God we are depending on Him more than our circumstances.
        3. Having confidence in God means we have an undisturbed calm, knowing He will do what He has promised.
  2. Faith is the substance of the things we hope for; it is the proof of the things we do not see and the conviction of their reality (Hebrews 11:1,
    1. Substance is translated “ground or confidence.”
    2. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.
      1. When we refer to the world, we mean everything around us that opposes the Word of God.
      2. We have victory that overcomes sickness, disease, lack, poverty, and destruction.
      3. Satan tries to deceive us in many ways by attacking our confidence in God’s Word.
      4. We must guard our hearts and be sure we know the Word.
      5. Satan hates the preaching of the Gospel; therefore, we must be aware of anything or anyone that opposes it, even in very subtle ways.
    3. We are God’s house if we have confidence that we are God’s house (Hebrews 3:6).
    4. We should not cast away our confidence (Hebrews 10:35, AMP).
      1. It is not the enemy who takes our confidence from us; we have to cast it away.
      2. We must remain the same concerning the Word, even in the midst of trials and tribulation.
      3. Then we can say with boldness that God is our helper (Hebrews 13:6, AMP).
        1. Boldness is a reflection of confidence.
  3. Guilt and condemnation keep our confidence low (1 John 3:21, AMP).
    1. God does not want us to sin because it cripples our confidence.
      1. Sin makes cowards of men.
      2. We must be sure we are not doing things that cause us to feel guilty.
      3. However, when we do sin or miss the mark, we can gain confidence by asking God for forgiveness and turning away from sin.
      4. We must recognize that Jesus shed His blood to eliminate guilt and condemnation.
        1. Without the blood of Jesus, we are all guilty.
        2. Jesus has made us worthy. Receive with confidence what His blood has done.

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