Obtaining faith by hearing God’s Word alone is not enough to bring about manifestation. Faith must be coupled with corresponding action.

  1. Proper corresponding action is essential to developing our faith.
    1. Without full manifestation, we cannot have full corresponding action.
      1. Faith without action is dead (James 2:17-26).
      2. Making a faith confession is a corresponding action.
      3. When we pray, we must believe we have received what we have prayed (Mark 11:24).
        1. Pray the answer or the desire, not the problem.
        2. Have confidence in what you believe you have received.
        3. Do not try to convince others you have the actual manifestation of what you prayed when you have yet to receive it; this is deception.
        4. For example, if you are believing God for a car, do not tell people you have the car in your garage.
  2. There is a distinction between the prayer of petition and the prayer of intercession.
    1. The prayer of petition is asking God for something
      1. Once we pray the prayer of petition, we should not keep asking for the same thing in the same manner. To do so indicates we are doubting.
      2. However, when we pray, we can continue to give thanks for what we believe we have received.
    2. The prayer of intercession is to pray the Word for someone else or declare the Word over someone.
      1. We can declare the Word over someone over and over again.
      2. This is a corresponding action.

Scripture References:

  • James 2:17-26
  • Mark 11:2