The number one reason for societal problems is fatherlessness; children need their fathers. God has placed within every man the spiritual capability to be a father. Fathers are the foundation
of their families and have the potential to create generations.

  1. If the hearts of the fathers and the children are not turned toward one another, a curse will result (Malachi 4:5, 6, AMP).
    1. Fatherlessness impacts how societies operate.
      1. “Dad is destiny.” This phrase embodies both the problem and the solution for the majority of society’s ills.
        1. A person’s father can either influence him or her toward success or failure in life.
        2. Girls who don’t have strong father figures in their lives often grow up looking for fatherly love and approval from men. Women often compromise
          in relationships because they are looking for the love they never
          experienced with their fathers.
        3. The absence of a father in a girl’s life has a tremendous effect on her decision to have sex before marriage.
        4. Boys who don’t have fathers often turn to crime, drugs, lawlessness and other forms of destructive behavior because they never received the
          guidance they needed growing up.
      2. Children who come from fatherless homes are more likely to:
        1. Be poor
        2. Drop out of school
        3. Suffer from health or emotional problems
      3. A missing father is a better predictor of criminal activity than race or economic status.

  2. The measure of a man’s success is directly related to his effectiveness as a godly father.
    1. To be called father is the highest honor God can bestow upon a man.
    2. God is the ultimate standard and the only true example of fatherhood.
    3. God has called men to follow His example of fatherhood.
      1. To the degree that a man fathers his family, is the degree that God will father him. This is the principle of seedtime and harvest.
      2. There are ways that a man should father his children that reflect how God fathers him:
        1. A father provides for his children.
        2. A father counsels his children.
        3. A father gives his children guidance and direction.
        4. A father loves his children.
    4. The source of societal problems is fatherlessness.
      1. A father may be present in the home but still be emotionally and spiritually disconnected from his children. This is a form of
        1. A father can’t just be present, he must be engaged in the lives of his children.
        2. Fathers must spend quality time with their sons and daughters, and set a godly example.
      2. Until men are restored to their positions of fathering like their heavenly Father, society, families, communities, governments and nations cannot
        be healed and will not function properly.

  3. Fathers are progenitors.
    1. To be a progenitor means that you generate and support generations.
    2. Fathers uphold future generations.

  4. There are two major causes for fatherlessness.
    1. Divorce
    2. Having children out of wedlock
      1. Sex outside of marriage has serious consequences. Fatherlessness will become an enemy to the children who are born out of those relationships.

  5. A lack of understanding is the cause for fatherlessness.
    1. It’s what men don’t understand about their purpose and design that causes fatherlessness.
    2. Without understanding, life is an experiment and frustration is the reward (Psalm 82:4, 5).
    3. Understanding is the knowledge and comprehension of the purpose and intent of something.
      1. When you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, you will abuse it.
    4. God has designed every person in a particular way. Your design fits your purpose.
      1. God designed every man for the purpose of fulfilling the call of fatherhood.
    5. Life is frustrating when a person doesn’t know where he or she is supposed to be.
    6. People should never try to do things they weren’t designed to do; because when they do, they won’t fit in.
      1. God created you for a specific purpose. Your personality and other personal characteristics are designed to fit with your purpose.

  6. Men must understand the fatherhood principle.
    1. Fatherhood is not a choice for a male; it is inherent.
      1. When something is inherent, it means “existing in something else so as to be inseparable from it.”
      2. A father’s personal fulfillment will always be linked to fulfilling his God-given purpose.
      3. Whether a man has a child or not, he will always have the need to father someone.
      4. Father means “the source that sustains.” Fatherhood is the true role and purpose of a man.
        1. The man carries the seed from which all life comes.
        2. God designed the man to carry the seed that sustains and supports the continuation of life on earth.
        3. Mankind originated in Adam.
    2. The only person who can give a man his identity is his father.
      1. Every man needs an identity to be fulfilled.

  7. There are ten functions of fatherhood.
    1. A father is a progenitor; he generates and supports generations.
    2. A father is the source of life. Everything starts with the father, either good or bad.
    3. A father is a nourisher.
    4. A father is a protector.
      1. A father protects his household and keeps out all intruders.
      2. A father protects his family from negative ways of thinking.
      3. A father protects his family from negative influences that try to creep into his home.
        1. A father should monitor what he allows his family to view on television and on the Internet.
      4. A father protects his family from anything that could disrupt his marriage and family.
      5. A father protects his family from anything that could cause them harm.
      6. A man should know with whom his wife and children are fellowshipping.
      7. A man should protect his wife and not try to control her.
    5. A father is a disciplinarian.
      1. In order to be an effective disciplinarian, you must first be disciplined in your own life.
      2. Fathers must properly use “the rod of correction.” Don’t physically abuse your child but do firmly discipline him or her to drive out foolishness.
      3. Never discipline your child when you are angry.
    6. A father is a leader.
    7. A father is the head of his household.
    8. A father is caring.
      1. A father should hug and kiss his sons. If he doesn’t, his children won’t be able to demonstrate their emotions later in life; instead they will
        keep them inside which will only cause frustration.
      2. A father should look for opportunities to show his children that he loves them.
      3. A father should do whatever it takes to let his children know he cares for them.
    9. A father is a developer.
      1. Fathers should develop their children into what and who they should be.
    10. A father is a godly example of true manhood.
      1. Sons learn from their fathers.
        1. Men should examine where they got their ideas about manhood.
      2. Just because a man creates a baby does not mean he is a father.
      3. Every man should learn to spiritually father someone or be a role model to a child.

  8. There are ten keys to dealing with fatherlessness. If you do not have a relationship with your father or if he is deceased:
    1. Believe what God says about you.
      1. Understand how much God values you and has invested in you.
      2. Embrace God’s Word so that you can receive all that God is saying to and about you.
    2. Women must recognize that their heavenly Father sees them as beautiful and as His beloved.
    3. Know your potential.
      1. Know that the sky is the limit.
      2. Do not listen to negative input from others.
      3. Recognize that you cannot be stopped by any circumstance or situation.
      4. You can do whatever you set your mind to do.
    4. Be free to love others by becoming whole in your emotions
      1. Let go of negative emotions.
      2. The best life you can have is a life that involves other people.
        1. Who you have relationships with says a lot about your life.
      3. Don’t allow something negative from your past stop you from achieving what God has for you now.
      4. Even if your father didn’t set the best example for you, love him anyway.
      5. Allow God to love you.
      6. Forgive your father if he has hurt you.
    5. Communicate with your Heavenly Father every day to get His identity, nature, belief and values.
    6. Don’t let circumstances, tragedies, tests or trials cause you to abandon your relationship with God.
    7. Trust God to direct you during the different seasons in your life.
    8. Maintain a healthy image of relating with the opposite sex.
      1. Don’t settle, sacrifice or compromise in an effort to get approval or love from another person.
      2. Men, don’t look at women as objects to be used to fulfill lustful desire.
        1. Don’t embrace the negative values that society promotes.
        2. Don’t abuse women.
        3. Treat women with respect and honor.
    9. Solidify your identity through God’s Word.
      1. Men must have character.
      2. Recognize that you have been called for a purpose.
      3. Don’t identify with failure, identify with success.
    10. Let go of the past and enjoy the present.
      1. Enjoy life.
      2. Do something good for others.

    Scripture References:

    • Malachi 4:5, 6, AMP
    • Deuteronomy 22:5
    • Psalm 82:4, 5
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church