God has set before every human being the right to choose. You can choose life or death, blessing or cursing, God's way of doing things or the world's way. Tithing does not make sense to the world, but it is God's way of connecting His people to the blessing.

  1. You have the right to choose (Deuteronomy 30:19, 20, AMP).
    1. Life is a series of decisions.
      1. Each day you can choose the blessing of God or the curse.
      2. You can go the way of the world or follow the Kingdom of God.
      3. Choose the Kingdom of God and receive His best.
      4. Choose God's way by loving Him and obeying His Word.

  2. Kingdom empowerment is gained through tithing.
    1. Ten percent of all your increase belongs to God (Leviticus 27:30).
    2. Tithing is the way to maintain the flow of God's blessings and remain established in peace.
      1. Peace or shalom is having security in the midst of turmoil.
      2. Shalom is Hebrew for peace, prosperity and continuous well-being.
    3. God promised to bless Abraham because of his obedience (Genesis 12:1-4).
      1. The blessing is an empowerment from God that enables you to have success in every arena of life.
        1. The blessing is not the car, house, money, etc.; these things are the result of the blessing.
        2. The blessing gives you supernatural ability to overcome negative circumstances.
      2. Obedience gives birth to the blessing.
        1. Partial obedience and delayed obedience are still disobedience.
        2. Abraham obeyed God and became very wealthy (Genesis 12:4, 13:1, 2).
      3. The blessing of God gives birth to success.

  3. The blessing became permanently established in Abram's life when he presented tithes to Melchizedek (Genesis 14:19, 20).
    1. Abraham gave Melchizedek all the tithes from what he had won in battle (Genesis 14:20).
    2. Jacob, Abraham's grandson made a vow to God to tithe, and God established him in His blessing (Genesis 28:18-22, AMP).
      1. God remembered the vow Jacob made and reminded him of it (Genesis 31:13).

  4. God blessed mankind by speaking words of blessing (Genesis 1:22, 28).
    1. Adam and Eve disconnected from God's blessing when they sinned in the Garden of Eden.
    2. Sin blocked the blessing until Noah's time.
    3. God pronounced the blessing again upon Noah and his sons (Genesis 9:1).
      1. However, sin entered again when Noah became drunk, was naked, and his son Ham did not cover him.
    4. God blessed Noah's sons, Shem and Japheth, who covered their father (Genesis 9:26, AMP).
    5. Melchizedek very well could have been Shem because he passed the blessing to Abraham (Genesis 14:18, 19).
      1. The priest had to have the blessing in order to pass it to someone else.
      2. The blessing was passed down through the generations, from Abraham to Jesus.

  5. Jesus made it possible for all of us to partake in the blessing (Galatians 3:13, 14).
    1. Jesus is our High Priest forever, therefore when you tithe, you tithe to Him.
    2. Like Abraham brought his tithe to Melchizedek, we pay our tithes to Jesus and receive the blessing (Hebrews 6:20- 7:16, AMP).
    3. When you pay your tithes, present them to Jesus and experience the blessing exchange.

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