Satan’s objective is to try to get you to receive his words instead of God’s so that he can affect your emotions and ultimately impact your decisions. God gave every person emotions, but He

never intended that your emotions control your life. You must make the
Word your final authority so that your thoughts, emotions and decisions
are governed by the Word.

  1. Satan’s objective is to get you to accept his words rather than God’s Word.
    1. Adam and Eve fell because they allowed Satan to deceive them with words that opposed God’s Word.
    2. When you allow God’s Word to dictate your life, the devil’s agenda won’t stand a chance.
    3. Man was created to live by God’s Word and not only by natural food.
      1. The Word contains your necessary spiritual nutrition.
    4. You must find out what the Word says so that you know how to defeat the enemy when he comes against you with his suggestions.
      1. If you don’t know what the Word of God says, your thinking and life will be governed by Satan’s agenda rather than God’s.
      2. If Satan’s words continue to dominate and influence your thinking more than God’s Word, you will begin adopting a lifestyle that opposes the
    5. The media has the potential to shape a society’s norms and values toward perversion.
      1. Television and the Internet are two avenues that Satan uses to gain access to people’s minds.
    6. The most important thing you can do in these last days is read your Bible.
      1. You must know your adversary.
      2. When Jesus was led into the wilderness He was tempted to give in to Satan’s suggestions, but He defeated Satan by speaking what was written in God’s
        Word (Matthew 4:4).

  2. Life is a series of decisions.
    1. Where you are in life is the result of the decisions that you have made.
    2. Decision is the open door into reality.
    3. Your decisions are influenced by your feelings or emotions.
      1. You can’t trust any emotion or feeling that is not born out of God’s Word.

  3. Emotions come from God, but you must have control over them.
    1. Emotions are feelings on the inside caused by pleasure or pain, that are designed to move you in a certain direction.
    2. Emotions will either move you toward or away from the will of God for your life.
    3. Emotions can be disturbed and will move you (Lamentations 1:20).
    4. Satan will try to get you to disobey God by affecting your emotions.
    5. Jesus experienced emotional attacks in the Garden of Gethsemane but He did not allow His emotions to influence His decision to go to the cross
      (Mark 14:32-35).
      1. Jesus went forward and kept praying.
    6. God’s Word must govern your emotions.
    7. Emotional decisions will destroy you.
    8. If you don’t know God’s Word, you leave yourself open to make decisions based on emotions.
    9. How you deal with your emotions will determine whether you are blessed or cursed.
      1. It is not a curse to have emotions but to be led by them.
    10. You must have sound principles and the leading of God when it comes to making decisions.
      1. Things may appear and sound good to you but may lack substance.
    11. There are three factors that must be involved in the decision-making process:
      1. Accurate knowledge (Hosea 4:6).
        1. You are destroyed because of what you don’t know.
      2. Wisdom that comes from wise people and God’s Word.
      3. An understanding of the process you must go through to reach the desired outcome.

Scripture References:
  • Genesis 3:1-12
  • Matthew 4:4
  • Lamentations 1:20
  • Mark 14:32-35