To live according to the flesh is to operate in a way of thinking that opposes God’s Word. When you choose to live this way, you open the door for Satan to draw you away from the will of God

for your life. Prevent this by allowing the Word of God to be your final
authority in life and casting down Satan’s suggestions.

  1. The most powerful weapon Satan has is the weapon of suggestion (Genesis 3:1).
    1. Satan made a suggestion to Eve in the Garden of Eden to tempt her to doubt what God had already said (Genesis 3:1-5).
    2. Satan will try to weaken your defenses by making suggestions to you.
    3. When negative thoughts come, immediately cast them down with God’s Word.
    4. Don’t give the devil any place in your mind; don’t consider his suggestions.
    5. Satan wants you to listen to his words so that your thinking and emotions are affected. When this happens, you will make decisions that are out of
      the will of God for your life.
    6. Eve listened to Satan’s words and gave in to his suggestion to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3:6).
    7. As a result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, the blessing departed and the curse was invited into the earth (Genesis 3:14-24).

  2. The Bible is mankind’s instruction manual for life.
    1. You were not created to operate outside of God’s Word; it outlines the purpose for everything in life.
    2. When you don’t allow the Bible to be your guideline for living, you will be open to receive the words of Satan regarding life and how you should
    3. You must allow the Word of God to be your final authority.

  3. Walking after the flesh will destroy your life (Galatians 6:8).
    1. The “flesh” is a way of thinking that opposes God’s Word.
    2. To be spiritual is to walk according to the Word of God.
    3. There is a progression that leads you to a specific destination in life.
      1. Words that you hear and receive produce thoughts.
      2. Thoughts produce and influence your emotions.
      3. Your emotions will lead you to make certain decisions.
      4. Decisions determine your actions.
      5. Actions form your habits.
      6. Habits determine your character.
      7. Your character will determine your final destination in life—either positive or negative.
    4. Spiritual maturity is not determined by how long you have been saved, but by whether or not you consistently make decisions that are in line with
      God’s Word.
      1. It is time for the Body of Christ to grow up and become spiritually mature by not being dull of hearing when it comes to the things of God (Hebrews 5:11-14).

  4. Temptation is pressure applied to your thinking to get you to move away from your stance on God’s Word.
    1. Satan’s suggestions are designed to get you to make a decision that opposes God’s Word.
    2. You have to know God’s Word so that you can combat negative thoughts and suggestions when they show up.
      1. When ungodly thoughts come to your mind, cast them down by speaking the Word.
      2. Utilize the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:13-20).
    3. Know who you are in Christ because Satan will try to get you to doubt your identity(Matthew 4:3).
    4. The devil will try to twist the scriptures but maintain your faith and confidence by speaking what God has said. Follow Jesus’ example (Matthew
      4:8, 9).

Scripture References:
  • Genesis 3:1-6
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