The glory of God is simply the manifestation of His Word. It is the thing you have desired, confessed and prayed. God’s blessing is released when He speaks. His Word equips His people with an

ability to get results. God’s glory is about to be seen in the lives of
Believers who have faith in the Word to manifest itself in the earth.

  1. The root to every issue in life is a lack of comprehension about the purpose or intent of a thing.
    1. Take heed to what you hear or what you understand.
      1. Your understanding determines or indicates whether you receive more spiritual understanding (Mark 4:24).
      2. Understanding means to have comprehension and knowledge of the purpose and intent of a thing.
      3. A lack of understanding is the key issue to the problems in peoples’ lives.
      4. Many people do not understand the purpose and intent of the Christian life.
      5. If you don’t understand the purpose and intent of something, you will continue to struggle to figure out why things are the way they are.
    2. The most dangerous enemy to the Word of God is tradition.
      1. Tradition in this context is not referring to ceremonial actions, but traditional understanding of the Word of God.
        1. Traditional understanding of God’s Word will cause the Word to be ineffective (Mark 7:13).
        2. Traditional understanding of the Word will rob you of the full manifestation of God’s promises.
          1. Example: A traditional understanding of faith is that it is simply belief; however we now understand that faith is not just belief, but a practical
            expression of a person’s confidence in God and in His Word.
          2. Example: God has three answers to prayer: “Yes,” “No” and “Not now.” However, the Word says that God’s answers to prayer are “Yes” and “Amen.”
      2. Allow the Bible to define itself, and not be defined by traditions.

  2. It is critical to understand the purpose and intent of the Bible.
    1. The Bible is not a history book.
      1. The intent of the Bible is to give mankind the plan of salvation and redemption.
    2. In order to understand the Bible as a plan for redemption, you must understand what is in need of being redeemed.
      1. What needs to be bought back?
      2. What was stolen?
      3. What was lost?
    3. The first act God released upon mankind was the blessing (Genesis 1:28).
      1. What is the blessing?
        1. The blessing is the ability, enablement, anointing or power that comes from God, giving a person the ability to do what he or she couldn’t do in
          the natural.
        2. The blessing is an enabling force.
        3. The blessing is God’s ability put on your natural ability to give you supernatural ability.
        4. Words, specifically God’s Word, release the blessing.

  3. The glory of God is the manifestation of His Word in the earth.
    1. God’s Word upholds everything (Hebrews 1:3).
    2. God’s glory is tangible manifestation of His Word (Isaiah 40:5).
    3. God spoke the earth into existence; He said and then He saw what He said (Genesis 1:3-31).
    4. Jesus manifested in the earth through God’s Word spoken through the prophets. The Word was then made flesh (John 1:14).
      1. The glory of the Father is His Son, Jesus (Hebrews 1:3).
      2. Men beheld God’s glory manifested as Jesus.
    5. The glory is like the fruit of a tree that originated from a seed.
      1. Example: When you plant an apple seed, the “glory” of that apple tree is the apples.
      2. The Word of God is a seed that, when planted in your heart, will produce tangible results, or glory, in your life.
      3. When you can see the fruit of the Word manifesting in your life, you then see the glory of God in your life.
        1. The manifestation of a seed is the glory.
        2. When you pray, the answer to that prayer is the glory.
        3. When you plant Word-seed on deliverance, and you are delivered and walking in your deliverance, the glory of God is manifesting in your life.
        4. God has given you a book of seeds so you can have the potential to get glory, but you cannot experience the glory of God in your life without
          first planting the seed.
      4. The Word is always going to precede the blessing; the blessing is what is going to bring forth the glory.
      5. The Word and the blessing work hand in hand.
      6. How does God bless?
        1. God blessed the seventh day by speaking over it (Genesis 2:3).
        2. You cannot be blessed without the Word of God operating in your life.
        3. God blesses through His Word; His Word is what releases the blessing.

  4. The purpose and intent of mankind was to spread the glory of God throughout the earth.
    1. God spoke man into existence (Genesis 2:7, 8).
    2. Man is the glory of God (Psalm 8:5).
    3. God intended that man would speak His blessing into the earth and the glory would be manifested all over the world.
      1. God designed Earth to be a duplication of Heaven, and man is the reflection of God.
      2. Man and the Garden of Eden were expressions of God’s Word and His blessing.
        1. God equipped man with everything he needed to guard the Garden from the devil.
      3. God gave Adam the responsibility to replenish the earth. He was responsible for naming every animal. God gave man the authority in the earth
        (Genesis 1:22, 28).
      4. The enemy showed up and challenged what God had told Adam (Genesis 3).
      5. As a result of Adam’s disobedience to God’s commands, sin entered the earth and the glory was perverted. Instead of having the manifestation
        of what God wanted them to have, Adam and Eve received the manifestation
        of what God did not want them to have.
        1. Adam received Satan’s words and gave place to a curse. As a result, the Garden of Eden and man began to die.
        2. God placed cherubim and flaming swords around the Tree of Life because if Adam ate of that tree, they would forever be locked into their sinful
          spiritual state, with no chance of redemption for all eternity (Genesis
        3. The Tree of Life is found in the midst of the paradise of God (Revelation 2:7).
    4. After Adam sinned, the Bible doesn’t mention the blessing again until God pronounced it over Noah (Genesis 9:8-19).
      1. Because of the wickedness of men, God flooded the earth and came up with another way to get His blessing and glory in the earth.
      2. God cut covenant with Abraham because He knew Abraham would teach the words of the covenant to his family and ultimately all families of the earth.
      3. We are blessed through Abraham.
    5. The Word is the key to the blessing.
      1. God blessed man in the beginning with words.
    6. When we speak God’s Word, we release the seed necessary to produce His blessing and ultimately manifest His glory.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church