God is going to put His people on display. He will show the world there is profit in serving Him. Those who serve the Lord must remain focused on what He has called them to do, and commit to trust Him completely. He will then pour out tremendous blessings and favor on their lives.

  1. God will give His people the wisdom to succeed in these last days (Isaiah 60:1-12, AMP).
    1. The blessing of God’s people will be seen upon them.
      1. Wealth will be transferred from people who do not know God to those who do.
      2. Governmental authorities will come to the people of God for enlightenment.
    2. Believers must be sure they can hear God’s voice.
      1. The voice of God brings enlightenment.
      2. Do not become distracted.
      3. Stay focused on what God has told you to do.
    3. Change your posture and position.
      1. Rise up and take your place.
      2. Stay tuned in to God’s voice; learn to hear the voice behind the Word of God.
        1. When you listen to a sermon, read a scripture, pray, etc., be attentive to the voice that accompanies those words.
  2. The profile of a prosperous Believer is found in Psalm 112, verses 1-10.
    1. Prosperity is wholeness in every area of your life.
    2. In the midst of hard times, respond with praise.
    3. When you are blessed, you are empowered to have success.
    4. Worshiping God means obeying Him.
    5. To be cursed means nothing is working for you.
      1. When you choose to ignore God’s voice, He will stop talking.
        1. If you continue in disobedience, your heart will harden and hearing His voice will become more difficult.
        2. Do not be afraid to step out on what God has told you to do.
        3. Even if you miss it, it will be okay; He will help you get back on track.
    6. Wealth and riches shall be in your house when you receive enlightenment.
      1. Do not be foolish and choose a religious attitude rather than an authentic relationship with God.
        1. Those who have a personal relationship with God will have divine wisdom.
  3. Keep your heart fixed on God’s Word (Psalm 112:7-10).
    1. Trust is having a fixed heart; it is a firm commitment.
    2. Make a commitment to trust God and stay focused on His Word.
    3. Do not allow circumstances to cause you to sway and doubt His Word.
    4. Refuse all fear.
    5. Pray that your faith does not fail.
      1. Faith is a level of confidence; trust is commitment, whether you feel confident or not.
      2. Make up your mind that you will stand on God’s Word no matter how long it takes.
    6. Walk in love, even toward your enemies; your desire should be to see them get born again and walk in God’s blessings.
    7. Minister to the poor; this is our charge as the Body of Christ.

Scripture References:

  • Isaiah 60:1-12, AMP
  • Psalm 112:1-10