During these chaotic times, Christians must know how to get results through God’s Word. As a Believer, God has made divine wisdom available to you, so you can walk in the power of God; therefore, you have the advantage!

The Kingdom of God is not just in word but in power (1 Corinthians 4:20).

  1. You do not have power if you do not get results in your life.
    1. Power is the ability to get results.
      1. It is not enough to be religious.
    2. God wants you to live on a higher level; He wants to put you on display for the world to see.
    3. God wants the world to see there is profit in serving Him.
    4. You must do your part to make the Word a reality in your life. God will not do what you can do; He will do what you cannot do.
  1. Have faith in the power of God, not in the wisdom or enticing words of men (1 Corinthians 2:4).
    1. We have been given the power to have absolute mastery over all the ability of the enemy (Luke 10:19).
      1. If you fail to exercise your authority, you will tolerate negative situations and circumstances.
        1. Do not waste time worrying; it produces nothing of value.
        2. Speak faith words.
        3. There is creative power in your words.
        4. Locate areas in your life where your confidence has been attacked.
        5. Do not throw away your confidence.
      2. The diligent person will get results.
        1. Become steadfast in whatever you have been given to do. ii. The devil wants you to be afraid that what you are doing is a waste of time.
        2. Do not shrink back from your stance of faith.
    2. Jesus went into the temple and cleansed it (Matthew 21:12).
      1. After He cleansed the temple, He called it a house of prayer.
      2. Allow Jesus to cleanse you.
        1. Cleanse and purify your spirit of all wickedness.
        2. Get rid of strife and unforgiveness, as they will hinder your prayers.
        3. Become hungry for the power of God.

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