The family institution is a powerful force for good, designed by God. Strong families are built on the love of God. However, Satan wants to destroy the family institution through selfishness because strong, godly families are a threat to his kingdom. If you want to experience restoration in your family, repair your foundation by walking in the love of God. Love is the answer to every family problem.

  1. The love of God is the foundation for a successful life (Matthew 22:36 - 40).
    1. A successful relationship with God produces successful relationships with others.
      1. Christian people should live their lives according to the Word of God.
      2. Our families will be transformed when each family member behaves like a Christian.
      3. Nothing in your life will work properly until you learn to operate in the love of God (1 Corinthians 13:1 - 8, AMP).
      4. When we do not develop in love, we give Satan a foothold in every area of our lives.
    2. Allow the love of God to be the centerpiece of your life.
      1. God is more interested in your demonstration of His love, than He is your good works.
      2. He examines your motives.
    3. Love is preeminent; it is superior over everything we do as Christians.
      1. Your faith has to be in the love of God.
    4. What is the distinction between agapé love and emotional human love?
      1. Agapé love is selfless and unconditional.
      2. Human, emotional love is selfish and conditional.
        1. Selfishness will increase in the last days.
        2. Selfishness causes lack (Haggai 1:9 - 11).
    5. The root to negative emotions is powerlessness.
      1. The law of sin and death is selfishness.
      2. The law of life in Christ Jesus is love.
      3. A law is an established principle that will work for anyone who gets involved.
      4. Everything in the Word of God hangs on the law of love.
    6. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ (Romans 8:1, 2).
      1. Resist the devil and he will flee.
      2. In the same manner, resist negative emotions.
      3. Resist the negative emotions that rise in family situations.
      4. The law of life in Christ Jesus is love.
      5. Satan wants you to forget who you are in Christ.
      6. He wants you to follow his system which is the world's way of doing things.
      7. You are not powerless; you have authority over Satan.
      8. Begin to operate according to the Kingdom of God or God's way of doing things.
        1. The Holy Spirit will help and keep you.
    7. The Holy Spirit will not sit idly by and watch you have a love affair with the world (James 4:1 - 5).
      1. The Holy Spirit will fight for you just as a spouse fights for their marriage.
      2. Likewise, fight for your marriage and family relationships.
      3. When each person in the family cooperates and behaves according to biblical standards, the family institution can be restored.

Scripture References:

  • Matthew 22:36 - 40
  • 1 Corinthians 13:1 - 8
  • Haggai 1:9 - 11
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