Prosperity includes, but is not limited to, money. By following the steps to unlocking true prosperity, Believers can experience abundance in every area of their lives.

  1. The third step to unlocking true prosperity is to depart from iniquity and maintain a pure heart. These are some of the foundations of all true prosperity (2
    Timothy 2:19-21).
    1. A person's heart is pure when it is free from anything that will defile or corrupt.
    2. To be pure means:
      1. To be unpolluted.
      2. To be genuine.
      3. To be uncontaminated.
      4. To be free from anything sinister or underhanded.
      5. To be free from improper words or phrases.
    3. Purity is the gateway to success and life in the miraculous.
      1. Purity guarantees a life of manifestation.
      2. God's power can only flow through pure vessels (2 Timothy 2:21).
    4. Elijah's servant Gehazi, is an example of a man corrupted by an impure heart.
      1. There was a reason that he could not raise the woman's son with Elijah's rod (2 Kings 4:29, 31).
      2. Gehazi's heart was polluted as he lied for his own selfish gain, therefore he had no power (2 Kings 5:20-26).
    5. Prosperity scriptures in the hands of a man with an impure heart will not produce.
      1. Deliverance comes to those with pure hands (Job 22:30).
    6. The rod in the Old Testament is symbolic of power (Exodus 4:17).
      1. Jesus is the rod of power and the Word of God made flesh (Isaiah 11:1).
    7. For the Christian the rod of power is the Word of God.
      1. The rod of the Word will only produce signs in the hands of a pure man (Exodus 4:17).
    8. When a man has a pure heart he positions himself for the blessing of God to operate in his life (Psalm 24:3-5).
    9. It is impossible to cover your sin and prosper (Psalm 28:1-9).
    10. Only the pure in heart that will experience what it means to be blessed (Matthew 5:8, AMP).
    11. The love of God will spring forth from the heart of a pure person (1Timothy 1:5).
    12. Increase comes as a result of purity (John 15:2).
    13. When a person obeys the truth of the Word he or she will purify his or her soul—mind, will and emotions (1 Peter 1:22).
      1. Obeying the Word will make you a genuine person.
    14. The Christian that hopes and desires to be like Jesus will purify his or her life (1 John 3:1-3).

  2. The fourth step to unlocking true prosperity is meditating in the Word of God for the purpose of knowing what to do is necessary to prosper in
    1. Nothing just happens.
      1. Meditating the Word is the key to experiencing results from the Word of God.
    2. Meditating is an intense study of the Word that is done by considering, speaking and muttering the scriptures.
      1. Intense consideration of the Word will cause it to be rooted in your heart.
    3. God promised Joshua great prosperity as the leader of the children of Israel (Joshua 1:1-8).
      1. Knowing God will never leave you or forsake you assures the prosperous life (v. 6).
    4. Joshua's success was based on his observance of the Word of God (v. 7).
      1. Ultimately, Joshua's commitment to intensely meditate by keeping the Word of God in his mouth was responsible for his victory (v. 8).
    5. By meditating the Word of God, Christians will understand what to do to prosper in life.
    6. The man that habitually meditates in the Word of God will be rooted and flourish in life (Psalm 1:1-3).
    7. It takes a commitment to the Word of God to get the treasure of hidden truth in it.
      1. A Christian's labor is in the Word of God until revelation wisdom is created.
    8. A serious Christian will remember the Word even while he or she is resting (Psalm 63:6).
    9. Remembering God's works is a way to meditate the Word of God (Psalm 77:11, 12).
    10. Whatever words a person speaks is the hidden meditation of his heart (Psalm 19:14).
    11. The process of meditation involves the eyes, ears and mouth (Proverbs 4:20-27).
      1. Christians must put boundaries around the Word of God in their hearts (v. 21).
    12. To meditate God's Word is to respect His method of operation (Psalm 119:15).
    13. Wisdom will come forth from the man whose heart is full of the Word of God that he understands (Psalm 49:3).
    14. Love for God's Word comes from habitual meditation (Psalm 119:97).
      1. A person will achieve great understanding when he or she meditates the Word of God (v.100).

  3. The fifth step to unlocking true prosperity is to obtain faith as a seed.
    1. The Word of God is the seed (Luke 8:11).
      1. Nothing will happen in any area of life without the seed of faith from the Word of God.
    2. The seed of the Word of God cannot fail and always produces (1 Peter 1:23).
    3. The more a person hears the Word, the greater his potential to gain more confidence.
      1. The Word gives birth to faith and faith births confidence.
      2. The degree of confidence a person has determines his level of harvest.
    4. The Word-seed is the gateway to the manifestation of all wealth.
    5. Faith works like a seed.
      1. The seed of faith is planted in the heart by speaking the Word.
      2. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).
    6. Christians must begin to plan their harvests by planting seed long before it is needed.
      1. If you know you will have a need in the future, plant a seed for it now.
    7. The Word of God must be combined with confidence, or faith in order for it to work (Hebrews 4:2).
    8. Confessing the Word is a way to plant seed in your heart (Matthew 17:20).
    9. Faith increases as you continue to speak the Word (Luke 17:5-6).

  4. The sixth step to unlocking true prosperity is adding corresponding action to back up your faith.
    1. To correspond means to agree, to fit, to be suitable or to harmonize.
    2. There must be corresponding action that agrees with, fits, is suitable to and harmonizes with the Word of God that you believe (James 1:22-24).
    3. Faith without action is ineffective (James 2:14-17).
      1. This truth cannot be taken out of context.
      2. Doing actions that are beyond your level of faith is unwise.
        1. Sending a check to a bill collector when you don't have money in the bank is not correct corresponding action.
        2. Trying to get healed of cancer with underdeveloped faith and refusing medical treatment is foolish.
    4. A person cannot have full corresponding action until there is full manifestation.
      1. Until the harvest comes all corresponding actions will be in part.
        1. The full corresponding action of sowing a million dollar check can't happen until the full manifestation of the million shows up in the bank
    5. When a person believes they receive they are corresponding to the faith of the Word (Mark 11:23-24).
    6. There are seven corresponding actions to kingdom prosperity.
      1. Giving
      2. Working
      3. Thinking
      4. Trusting
      5. Talking
      6. Waiting
      7. Thanking

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church