Christians are called to be an influence on people in order to glorify God. Your ability to influence others is determined largely by the words you speak. By using words effectively,

you will be able to make a great impact for the Kingdom of God.

  1. Believers have the ability to influence people and bring them into relationship with God.
    1. Influence is the act or power of producing an effect without any apparent exertion.
    2. All Believers have influence and the ability to make an impact in the lives of all people.
      1. Believers are Christ’s representatives in the earth (2 Corinthians 5:20).
        1. Christians are essential to ushering souls into the Kingdom of God.
        2. The manifestation of God’s goodness in the life of a Christian will cause others to want to be in relationship with Him.
      2. Christians have not been delivered for themselves, but for the benefit of others.
        1. God wants to expand your influence and bring you into prominence (Genesis 12:1-3).
          1. Satan wants to limit your influence.
      3. Abraham had great wealth and possessions and was very influential (Genesis 24:35).

  2. There is a difference between positive influence and control.
    1. Control is negative influence.
    2. Believers are called to influence others in a positive way, not by controlling them.
      1. Being controlling will drive others away.
      2. You will have a negative influence on others if you demonstrate the following:
        1. No manifestation of the Word of God in your life
        2. Not walking in love
        3. Being selfish
        4. Being afraid to make contact with people who do not have a relationship with God
        5. Making your personal agenda a priority instead of God’s plan for your life
        6. Being unstable and inconsistent
        7. Being unwilling to serve or help people
      3. Influence should be shown by your lifestyle, and not just your words.

  3. In order to have a positive influence you must speak the right words.
    1. Your life is a sum total of the words you have received and spoken.
    2. Through words you are able to change situations and circumstances.
      1. Words are spiritual containers that have power.
        1. Jesus had a major influence in the lives of others because He spoke the right words.
          1. He prayed the answer, not the problem.
          2. Jesus only spoke the Word of God.
        2. The children of Israel stayed in the wilderness for a long time because of their negative words (murmuring and complaining).
    3. You will be held accountable for your words.
      1. You will one day be required to give an explanation to God for the words you have spoken (Matthew 12:34-37).
        1. God told Abraham that He would be with him and teach him what to speak (Exodus 4:10-15).
      2. Your words can cause your life to be more fruitful.
        1. Your character is largely defined by the words you speak.
    4. Everyone must give an account of their life on the Day of Judgment (Romans 14:12).
    5. You must choose how you will respond to situations and circumstances.
      1. You must make choices based on your relationship with God and not what other people are doing.
Scripture References:
  • 2 Corinthians 5:20
  • Genesis 12:1-3
  • Genesis 24:35
  • Matthew 12:34-37
  • Exodus 4:10-15
  • Romans 14:12
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church