There are supernatural means to assist Believers in getting out of debt. God has given you authority through His Word; and applying a supernatural
war plan against debt will position you to receive God’s promise of
supernatural debt release.

  1. The love of God is the foundation for the supernatural laws of debt cancellation.
    1. God expects us to render to all what is due; most importantly, He requires us to walk in love (Romans 13:7, 8).
    2. It’s important to walk in love if you expect to experience God’s supernatural power.
      1. In order for God’s supernatural power to work, we must examine our character.
        1. Sin—bitterness, strife, and unforgiveness—blocks the flow of God’s blessing.
          1. Get rid of anything that hinders God from manifesting His power in your life.
  2. Christians must believe God will help them get out of debt.
    1. God desires to help you get out of debt (Isaiah 50:7).
      1. Debt freedom is possible with God’s supernatural assistance (Luke 1:37).
    2. Christians must believe they have a supernatural advantage through the Word of God to overcome debt.
      a. God’s power is hindered by unbelief.
  3. There is a supernatural war plan for debt release.
    1. Stay in the circle of love.
      1. God is love; don’t limit His ability from delivering you out of debt by living a selfish life.
    2. Announce your release from debt captivity (Luke 4:18).
      1. Supernatural power begins with declaring God’s Word.
    3. Bind the spirit behind debt (Matthew 12:29).
      1. To bind means to paralyze and make ineffective.
        1. Praise paralyzes the devil.
          1. Praising God for debt freedom continually binds Satan.

    4. Apply violent faith.
      1. Violent faith is intense and consistently exerted.
        1. Violent faith doesn’t take a break; it is constant until it has manifestation.
          1. It’s what you do all the time that guarantees breakthrough.
            1. Consistently declaring God’s Word on debt freedom will guarantee success.
    5. Learn how to forget past debts.
      1. Acknowledge your past mistakes, and believe God to bring you out.
        1. Don’t allow your past mistakes to emotionally torment you in the present.
      2. God will bring you into a brighter future (Isaiah 43:18, 19)

    6. Learn how to press in on the promise of debt cancellation (Philippians 3:13, 14).
      1. Just because God made a promise doesn’t mean you sit back and passively wait for it to come to you.
      2. Aggressively pursue the promise of debt cancellation by:
        1. Aggressively controlling your spending.
    7. Stay focused (Proverbs 4:20-27).
      1. The enemy wants to distract you, and cause you to lose focus on the promise.
      2. Give attention to the Word (v 20).
      3. Every issue in life, including debt, starts in your heart (v 21-24).
        1. The law of receiving says anything that goes through your eyes, ears, and out of your mouth in abundance, will get in your heart and create your life.
          1. Stay focused on the Word, and you will establish debt freedom (v 25-27).
            1. Don’t let the promises and answers from the Word slip (Hebrews 2:1).
    8. Cast the care of debt on God.
      1. Don’t carry the stress of debt; instead trust God.
    9. Make a vow to fulfill a purpose for being debt free.
      1. God honors those who make a vow and pay it (Psalm 50:14, 15).
        1. If you make a vow, make sure you fulfill it, or you will make your situation worse (Ecclesiastes 5:4, 5).
    10. Put pressure on the increase that comes from the Word of God.
    11. Obtain debt freedom through faith and patience.
      1. Is there anything too hard for God? (Genesis 18:14).
Scripture References:
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church